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Helena dreams about Srila Prabhupada

Every day, thanks to Srila Prabhupada’s love, I have the opportunity to go out and distribute his books.

Recently Lilananda Prabhu and I have been distributing books in a working-class area of Rome known as Centocelle.

Visualize blocks of flats at least seven storys high, working-class dwellings where you find the strangest situations and the worst smells emanating from within. Below the apartment complex is an interminable series of shops where the people, under a high dose of passion, enter and exit without taking notice of anyone around them. Now add all the raucous noises of the city: Welcome to Centocelle! (more…)

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Divine appearance to sadhus

Radharani appears to Sanatana Goswami

In Bhakti-Ratnakara, it is written that one day Sanatana Goswami went to Radha-Kunda to see Sri Rupa and Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami. When they saw Sanatana approaching, they rose to offer him respect, and then offered him a seat. With this, the three of them began an ishta-gosthi, a discussion about Krishna. Sri Rupa Goswami had written a Stotram to Radharani called “Chatu-Pushpanjali” – an offering of four flowers. Sri Sanatana Goswami read the verses, and was struck by one in particular: navagorochana gauri, pravarendi varamvaram, manistavaka-vidyoti-veni-vyalangana-phanam“O Vrindabaneshvari! I offer my respects unto you. Because your complexion is like newly molten gold, you are known as Gaurangi. Your dress is beautiful like that of a blue lotus. Your long braid of hair resembles a black serpent decorated with jewels.”When Sanatana saw the line, “Your braided hair resembles a black serpent…” he thought about this comparison and said, “Is this a logical or reasonable metaphor? To compare Radharani’s hair to a serpent?” (more…)

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