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Krishna carnival lights up London

Rathayatra chariot
The chariots were pulled by rope through the streets of central London

Londoners are used to seeing juggernauts rumbling through their streets, but this was a very different kind of heavy traffic.

It was a riot of colour in the heart of the capital – three 40-foot-high wooden chariots pulled from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, accompanied by a colourful crowd singing, chanting and dancing their way along the route.

Britain’s Hare Krishnas were holding their 40th annual Rathayatra Carnival of Chariots, a street festival which brings together a mixture of devotees and bemused onlookers.

The ancient ceremony originates in Jagannatha Puri in India – giving British colonial forces a new word to describe a huge, lumbering vehicle.



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Snana Yatra 2008 in Singapore


Hare Krsna prabhus and matajis.

Sometimes the living entities make plans to the best of their abilities. But as many of us would have realized, only if the Lord sanctions, will the plans materialize. But The Lord being the best friend and well wisher of all gives more than planned when devotees come up with sincere spiritual plans. This is what the devotees from Singapore realized with regards to the Snana Yatra festival for this year. It all began as the devotees started planning and working hard to conduct Jagannath’s Snana Yatra festival. Announcements were made, and a total of 1500 invitations were sent out to the public. Snana Yatra was going to take place on a weekday and, as such the devotees intensified the publicity. In Singapore not many people get the time to do anything else other than work on a weekday. But this stereotyped situation was about to change by the mercy of the Lord of the Universe. (more…)

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Appearance of Nityananda Prabhu

Feb 19, KUALA LUMPUR (TUE) — In honour of Lord Balarama’s appearance as Sri Nityananda.
Caitanya Bhagavat, Adi Lila 9

All glories to Sri Krishna Caitanya, the unlimited ocean of mercy. All glories to Lord Nityananda, the dearest friend of the distressed.
All glories to Lord Caitanya, the life’s treasure and soul of Sri Advaita Acarya, and the priceless treasure house of Sri Gadadhara Pandita. All glories to Lord Visvambhara, the son of Sri Jagannatha Misra and Mother Saci. All glories to all the devotees who are such dear associates of the Lord.
Lord Ananta Sesha appeared in the Radha district on an order given previously by Sri Chaitanya. He remained in the material world according to Mahaprabhu’s transcendental desire.
Sri Nityananda Prabhu, the Lord of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, appeared in the village of Ekacakra. His father was a brahmana named Hadai Pandita and his mother was Srimati Padmavati devi. (more…)

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Sri Visvarupa Mahotsava

Srila Prabhupada with his Sannyasa Guru,
Sri Bhaktiprajnana Kesava Gosvami

Sep 26, KUALA LUMPUR (WED) — The observance day of Srila Prahbupada taking Sannyasa.





The following is a lecture given by Srila Prabhupada on October 21, 1968 in Seattle, when he was informed in a letter from Srila Narayana Maharaja that his sannyasa-guru had departed from this world.

“One has to accept the renounced order from another person who is in renounced order. So I never thought that I shall accept this renounced order of life. In my family life, when I was in the midst of my wife and children, sometimes I was dreaming that my spiritual master was calling me, and I was following him. When my dream was over, I was thinking – I was little horrified: “Oh, Guru Maharaja wants me to become sannyasi. How can I accept sannyasa?” At that time, I was feeling not very much satisfaction that I will have to give up my family and become a mendicant. At that time, it was a horrible feeling. Sometimes I was thinking, “No, I cannot take sannyasa.” But again I saw the same dream. (more…)

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Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s Appearance

Sep 25, KUALA LUMPUR (TUE) — Today is the glorious Appearance Day of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. (more…)

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The Appearance of Vamanadev

Sep 24, KUALA LUMPUR (MON) — Today is Vamana Dvadasi, the auspicious Appearance Day of Vamana Avatar.

The fifth among the Dasavatara is Sri Vamana-avatara. There are innumerable lila-avataras. Among them are twenty-five chief lila-avataras of which Sri Vamanadeva is the eighteenth. All the lila-avataras have been mentioned in the previous description of Matsya-avatara. Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha are the original catur-vyuha, or original four expanded forms of Sri Krishna in Dvaraka. They are prabhava-vilasa (four-handed forms) of Sri Krishna. The majestic expansion of Sri Krishna, Narayana, who resides in Vaikuntha, also has His catur-vyuha, which is known as the second manifestation of four expanded forms. Each form of this second catur-vyuha again expands into three forms. Among the first manifestation of expanded forms, Pradyumna expands into three forms known as Trivikrama, Vamana and Sridhara. Thus, each form of the second catur-vyuha expands into three forms, which totals twelve, and These are the Presiding Deities of the twelve months. (more…)

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Sri Radhashtami Celebrations in Mayapur


September 21, MAYAPUR (FRI)
“If you want to see Yama duta or the messengers of death, don’t observe Radhashtami. If you wish to attain Krishna, try to do some service to please Radharani. Radhe…”with his powerful and giant Kartal HH Jayapataka Swami loudly calls Jay Radhe, devotees at Srimad Bhagavatham class wonders their fortune to have this mercy of Srimati Radharani, to engage in her services at Sri Mayapur dham.

Maharaja points out how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, as combined form of Sri Radha and Krishna, was so merciful to deliver this process of loving devotional service. He urges everyone to take this process very seriously and make their vows on this day.Maharaja finishes his special Srimad Bhagavatham class on Sri Radharani inthe morning before Darshan Arthi.

Nitai Gaur Premanande!!. (more…)

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