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Bhakti-vriksha Program Versus Counselor System–Which is Best?


The need for taking care of devotees is becoming a popular topic of discussion in ISKCON. During the last GBC meetings in Mayapur I have been invited to take part in the GBC sub-committee for devotee care. In our last meeting HH Radhanath Maharaja was requested to give a presentation on the principles the Chowpatty temple in Mumbai, India, applies to develop their community and take care of devotees, with the Counselor System being the main focus. Maharaja’s final comment was: “Why re-invent the wheel? You are already so much ahead of us, doing so many wonderful things over there—maybe we should simply apply the same principles everywhere!” (more…)


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Tulasi Tips from ISKCON Vancouver

Worshipping and Caring for Srimati Tulasi devi.

“Tips to Keep Tulsi Healthy While Growing Indoors”, and “Collecting Leaves and Manjaris” from the Vancouver Tulasi project.

The Vancouver Tulasi houses are an outstanding example of Tulasi worship, brought to perfection. The Tulasi greenhouses are completely filled with over 30 Tulasis, all in perfect shape and perfect color. Krsna kirtans and Srila Prabhupada’s audio tapes are constantly piped into the greenhouses. Once a week, a group of children come to spend time working with Tulasi, after which they enjoy a picnic together.

All in all, the circumstances surrounding the manifestation of Tulasi at ISKCON Vancouver is an amazing thing. The devotional service offered by the devotees is a perfect example of the mood of Krsna Consciousness that we should all endeavor to strive for in our service.


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Official Statement from Bhaktivedanta Manor

Media Release

Yesterday, July 13, 2008 the Child Protection Office released its official decision in a case regarding allegations against Gauri das of the UK yatra, for events occuring during his tenure as a teacher at the ISKCON-affiliated school in Vrindavana, India, during the 1990’s.

Today, the Manor’s managing council adopted an official statement presented below.

Anuttama dasa Minister ISKCON Communications (more…)

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Snana Yatra 2008 in Singapore


Hare Krsna prabhus and matajis.

Sometimes the living entities make plans to the best of their abilities. But as many of us would have realized, only if the Lord sanctions, will the plans materialize. But The Lord being the best friend and well wisher of all gives more than planned when devotees come up with sincere spiritual plans. This is what the devotees from Singapore realized with regards to the Snana Yatra festival for this year. It all began as the devotees started planning and working hard to conduct Jagannath’s Snana Yatra festival. Announcements were made, and a total of 1500 invitations were sent out to the public. Snana Yatra was going to take place on a weekday and, as such the devotees intensified the publicity. In Singapore not many people get the time to do anything else other than work on a weekday. But this stereotyped situation was about to change by the mercy of the Lord of the Universe. (more…)

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Convention in Port Dickson


May 23, PORT DICKSON, MALAYSIA -The Congregational Development Ministry of Iskcon KL organised a 3-day convention from 23rd May to May 25 2008 at NUBE, Port Dickson.

The program is an initiative by the Congregational Development Ministry to further equip and train aspiring preachers with the necessary knowledge, and skills to preach to greater heights in the most magnanimous cause of sankirtan yajna of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. (more…)

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Battle of Kurukshetra 2008


Come 7th June 2008, T. A. S. K ( To Always Serve Krishna) of ISKCON Kuala Lumpur will be organising Battle of Kurukshetra, an annual Bhagavad Gita Quiz and Sloka Festival. This festival was inaugurated and was launched by HG Simheswara Das, the regional Secretary of ISKCON Malaysia last year. Battle of Kurukshetra received overwhelming response from devotees all over Malaysia. Parents looked at it as an opportunity to engage their children in reading the Bhagavad Gita. (more…)

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International GBC Statement Reaffirming Vaishnava Respect for Women

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please find attached a statement from the GBC Executive Committee on respect for women.

While there are different opinions on the best roles for women in society and how the Vedic culture is to be applied today, I think we all agree that we must be careful to be respectful to all Vaishnavas in both our deeds and words.

Your servant,

Ramai Swami GBC Chairman (more…)

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