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Hidden Glories of India at Masterskill College


June 13, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (FRI) – The Nyana Yatra Indian Cultural Society of Masterskill College organized a major event which took place in the college auditorium on Friday 13th June 2008. Approximately 200 students came for this amusing and thought provoking presentation. Two speakers from VOICE Academy were invited to present to a vastly intellectual crowd. Dr K. Sinivasagan, a senior dental surgeon and also the Chairperson for VOICE Malaysia Academy presented “The Hidden Glories of India”, while Prabhu Murugesu, a Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) undergraduate from Universiti Tenaga Nasional presented “The Science of The Vedas”.


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Mass recitation of prayers in glorification of Lord Narasimha


May 31, BANDAR SUNGAI LONG, MALAYSIA (SAT)  – The appearance day of Lord Narasimha which was celebrated on 19th May 2008 commemorates the appearance of Lord Vishnu as half man, half lion, to protect His devotee Prahlad Maharaj from his demonic father Hiranyakashipu. At Iskcon Kuala Lumpur, it was indeed a grand celebration. Many took part in hearing the nectarian pastimes of the Lord and rendered prayers in glorification of Lord Narasimha. For those who never had the opportunity to do so, His Grace Madhumaya Krsna Das prabhu and Her Grace Astasakhi Devi Dasi mataji had made special arrangements at Garden Park Condominium so that others may have the privilege of celebrating the appearance day of Lord Narasimha at their very own home. Upon humble request, Mr. and Mrs. Selva had happily agreed to host the evening program and invite more people. (more…)

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Convention in Port Dickson


May 23, PORT DICKSON, MALAYSIA -The Congregational Development Ministry of Iskcon KL organised a 3-day convention from 23rd May to May 25 2008 at NUBE, Port Dickson.

The program is an initiative by the Congregational Development Ministry to further equip and train aspiring preachers with the necessary knowledge, and skills to preach to greater heights in the most magnanimous cause of sankirtan yajna of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. (more…)

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Battle of Kurukshetra 2008


Come 7th June 2008, T. A. S. K ( To Always Serve Krishna) of ISKCON Kuala Lumpur will be organising Battle of Kurukshetra, an annual Bhagavad Gita Quiz and Sloka Festival. This festival was inaugurated and was launched by HG Simheswara Das, the regional Secretary of ISKCON Malaysia last year. Battle of Kurukshetra received overwhelming response from devotees all over Malaysia. Parents looked at it as an opportunity to engage their children in reading the Bhagavad Gita. (more…)

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Prerana in Kuala Lumpur

April 26-27, KUALA LUMPUR (SAT-SUN) – On the evening of the 26th and 27th of April 2008, V.O.I.C.E (Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture and Education), a newly an affiliated arm of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Kuala Lumpur, made its first-time initiative of organizing a dance and drama event called ‘Prerana’ which means inspiration in Sanskrit. This event was held in Tan Sri K.R Soma Auditorium at Wisma Tun Sambanthan. The occasion was publicised widely in the local media as well as several prominent organisations and received overwhelming response. The main purpose of Prerana is to raise funds for undergraduate university and college programs organised by V.O.I.C.E throughout the year which include forums, seminars, intervarsity summits, Xpressions and inter-faith talks. These programs are intended to encourage the development of well-rounded, successful, cultured young leaders with a balanced approach in their material and spiritual life. Besides serving as a fund raising event, Prerana was also used as a platform to introduce VOICE to the public eye.


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UNITEN – Shivarathri


March 11, KUALA LUMPUR (TUE) – Another mesmerizing and informative talk on glories of Lord Shiva was delivered by H.G.Vishnu Caitanya dasa. It was specially requested by “UNICS” the Hindu society of University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), in conjunction of Shiva rathri festival. The much needed information of Lord Shiva has definitely made the students revered the Lord as a great personality. Going further as explained by His Grace, Lord Shiva is incharge for the mode of ignorance, who is the destructive source for the whole creation. The glorification of Lord Shiva is also found in the vedas and puranas such as Srimad Bhagavatam, Shiva Puranam and so forth.


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MBS – Science of the Vedas



Mar 19, KUALA LUMPUR (WED) – Many would have thought that the ancient teachings of the Vedas are no longer applicable especially in this era of modern technology but the students of Methodist Boys School (MBS) were definitely astonished to find out the truth in contrast to our common believes after attending a multimedia presentation entitled, ‘Science of the Vedas – its relevance in modern day society’.

The multimedia talk was organized by the Indian Cultural Society of MBS in accordance to their ‘Religious Week’ line of events. Bhaktin Padma, one of the Pandava Sena youths of Sri Jagannath Mandir Kuala Lumpur who is currently pursuing her Form 6 studies there took the responsibility to organize the multimedia talk. The talk was held in a computer lab and was scheduled to begin at 7.30am. It took quite a while to gather all the students. By 7.40am, the computer lab was crowded with approximately 70 students ranging from Form 3 to Form 6. The Indian teachers were very helpful in coordinating the students and calming them down. Around 10 Indian teachers attended the talk, which was a good turn up from the teaching force. After a brief introduction of the speaker by the host, the talk officially started at 7.45am. (more…)

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