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Sayonara “Damodara 2006”

It was a month we wished the dusk would never end. The Butter Thief
binding us with Him. Many with tears, alas! The glorious month glided
swiftly in churned butter.



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Injured soldiers

The haze had left us all sick. Some were vomitting and others coughing and having diarrhea. Just as they recovered, their Final exams were due.

Then it was time for making Deepavali cookies. In my eagerness to do the Deepavali Caroling I had forgotten about allocating some time for making the cookies.The Lord must have been hungry for those cookies, so I guess we all fell sick for a good reason….to feed him with those cookies.


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Damodara report 5

This is the last week of Damodara month and we have already achieved our target of 1008 Damodara home programs. In fact we have hit 1300 homes and about 12000 ghee lamps have been offered to lord Damodara. (more…)

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Damodara report 4


We are about to reach the target set for the Damodara home program for this year. Up to date we have achieved 967 home programs. (more…)

October 30, 2006 at 5:20 pm 2 comments

Damodara report 3


With this 3rd Damodara program report, I am amazed with the commitment showed by our congregation. 

Just in 2 weeks we have achieved 525 home programs. 


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A rude shock


Yesterday…Nov 18th…at dusk…when demons get activated…they were in for a rude shock…it was a blitz..a total of 120 homes in 5 different areas resounding with the Holy Names ..karatals ..mrdangas..going from door to door.Truely relishable. (more…)

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Damodara Blitz


It was a week of its true sense…out of their own free will to please Srila Prabhupada and to distribute the mercy of Lord Damodara…virtually the whole week was filled with programs….to date according to our Damodar Secretariat maintained by Dr Srivas and Sriman Siva…. (more…)

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