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May 23, PORT DICKSON, MALAYSIA -The Congregational Development Ministry of Iskcon KL organised a 3-day convention from 23rd May to May 25 2008 at NUBE, Port Dickson.

The program is an initiative by the Congregational Development Ministry to further equip and train aspiring preachers with the necessary knowledge, and skills to preach to greater heights in the most magnanimous cause of sankirtan yajna of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Events And Details

Day 1 ( Late Evening)

Date: May 23 2008

Number of devotees: 30

HG Ramananda prabhu who reached the resort centre earlier coordinated the accommodation of the devotees as one by one began to join him. Some devotees brought along their families members and everyone was immediately ushered to have sumptuous prasadam and briefed by HG Sarvatirtha prabhu on their accommodation and program for the next day.

Devotees even reached the resort at approximately 1.00 am to ensure they participated in the convention and everyone was made sure to have prasadam and their needs taken care.

Day 2

Date: May 24 2008

Number of devotees: 37

The program started with group chanting at 6.00 am to 7.00 am. Guru puja started at 7.00 am with kirtan led by HG Isvara Gopal prabhu. The enthusiasm and eagerness of the devotees were clearly visible with the vibrant chanting and kirtan .

HG Rasika prabhu then started the program with an inspiring talk on sad – acar and Srila Prabhupada, stressing on the importance of preaching and the need for devotees to be determined in their sadhana. A group activity of identifying the key success factors of Srila Prabhupada’s success was also carried out which opened up the eyes of all devotees on why Srila Prabhupada achieved such a phenomenal success in a short span of time.

After the group activity, HG Rasika Prabhu outlined the success factors and how we should just follow Srila Prabhupada’s instruction and his examples in our preaching. The most important factor was to be determined in our sadhana and follow the regulative principles very strictly.

HG Ramananda prabhu then continued with a presentation of the specific details of the chanting of the holy name, the meaning of mantra, Lord Chaitanya movement, the significance of the Hare Krishna mahamantra and Srila’ Prabhupada’s instruction.

This was another awe inspiring talk that emphasized to all devotees the importance of the sankirtan yajna and more importantly, the role that each and every one of us plays in this movement.

This talk also gave the devotees an opportunity to learn some of the specific details in regards of the maha mantra that we would not have obtained in any normal lectures. This was an eye opener as to the endless learning curve and knowledge that one can garner from the scriptures and senior vaishnavas on the maha mantra.

HG Rasika Murari prabhu then continued with a group activity that was based on preaching scenarios. Each group which totaled to 8 groups was provided with a preaching challenge and the group should was required come up with the solution.

Examples of the preaching challenges was a group that simply did not show any interest in the preaching of the devotees, a group that only said a few words for whatever the devotees had to say and so on.

HG Rasika prabhu, HG Srivas prabhu, HG Ramananda prabhu and HG Sarva Tirtha parbu took up the roles of non devotees in the activity and each group has to practically try to preach to them based on the scenario given.

It was a lively activity with lots of humor and laughter. Everyone enjoyed the activity and more importantly the learning points from the activity on how to preach better and approach each preaching scenario differently.

The devotees then adjourned for a sumptuous lunch and was given free time for themselves until the games at the beach at 4.30 pm.

The prabhu’s and the mathaji’s each organized their own games and from the face of the devotees, everyone had a blast at the beach. The association of the devotees and the perfect environment at the beach provided just the motivation for all devotees to forget about everything and relish the nectar of devotees association.

Gaura arati started at 7.00 pm with kirtan led by Sriman Kumar prabhu, HG Sarva Tirtha prabu and HG Rasika Murari prabhu. It was an ecstatic kirtan and all devotees were delighted just to be there in the kirtan.

HG Sarva Tirtha prabhu then presented his talk about the essence of preaching, his experience in Taman Sentosa, the targets for namahatta for the year and the progress and examples of preaching inspirations from many devotees in the workshop. Again, this was a tool to inspire many of the aspiring devotees in the workshop to preach with renewed vigor, enthusiasm and determination.

Devotees then took prasadam and the prabhu’s prepared for the corn barbeque. The night passed away with memories of the inspiring stories from the day’s presentation in the mind of every devotee.

Day 3

Date: May 25 2008

N umber of devotees: 45

Group chanting started at 6.00 am to 7.00 am and then followed by guru puja. Kirtan was led by Sriman Prakash prabhu. Another example of how new aspiring devotees can lead an ecstatic kirtan and the devotees loved it!

The program continued with a talk from HG Srivas prabhu on devotee care. He stressed how this was a very important aspect of every aspiring devotees. He provided the example from the successful UniVoice program in which every devotee was assigned a group of aspiring devotees to be taken care of their every need. This in return helped significantly in their spiritual progress.

The counselor system was also given utmost importance in the area of devotee care as every aspiring devotee must take full advantage of this system which has proved to be vital tool to progress in our sadhana and devotional life.

HG Krishna Chandra prabhu was then invited to share his insight on sadhana to all devotees. He gave his view on how important is sadhana and that chanting of the maha mantra was an integral part of our devotional life.

HG Sarva Madhavi mathaji then delivered a short talk on devotee care specifically for mathaji which was a boon to hear for all aspiring mathaji’s.

HG Ramananda prabhu and HG Sarvatirtha prabhu then outlined the current activity of all yatra leaders and their future plans and commitment to expand the preaching efforts. New targets and preaching commitments were taken down on the whiteboard which is to be reviewed on the second upcoming workshop which has been planned tentatively on August 2 2008.

HG Visnu Chaitanya then delivered a presentation on ISKCON preaching activities around the world. He also played a video clip of HH Jayatapaka Swami’s talk in Bhaktivedanta Manor on the phenomenal success of Damaodara program in Malaysia. This was another impetus for the devotees to catapult their enthusiasm in preaching. The fact that HH Jayatapaka Swami talking enthusiastically about the damodara success in Malaysia was amazing to witness by all devotees in the workshop with a roar of Jai !

HG Visnu Chaitanya also spoke on the importance of being very strict in our sadhana and as devotees; we simply do not have any room for complacency. We are taking part in the most important mission of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitnaya Mahaprabhu and each and every devotee must vow to put his best foot forward to please Guru and Gauranga.

Prior to lunch prasadam on the final day of program, the workshop ended with a lively question and answer session from the floor with the panel of devotees being HG Krishna Chandra Dasa , HG Rasika Murari Dasa, HG Ramananda Gaura Dasa, HG Sarvatirtha Krishna Dasa , HG Visnu Caitanya dasa and HG Sarva Madhavi mathaji.

A group photo ensued after the lunch prasadam, capturing the liveliness, renewed vigor and enthusiasm of all the moonlike devotee’ face.

The Next Step

The whole program was a benediction for all aspiring devotees. The combination of association of devotees, awe inspiring stories from senior devotees and ISKCON preaching stories around the world was a great impetus for all devotees to now take the preaching to the next step.

The end result of the workshop can bee seen in the faces of the devotees whom now are ready to take the challenge and preaching to greater heights.

Devotees are looking forward to the next workshop planned tentatively on August 2 2008 to share their upcoming successes.

All Glories To Srila Prabupada !

All Glories Guru and Gauranga !


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