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Mar 19, KUALA LUMPUR (WED) – Many would have thought that the ancient teachings of the Vedas are no longer applicable especially in this era of modern technology but the students of Methodist Boys School (MBS) were definitely astonished to find out the truth in contrast to our common believes after attending a multimedia presentation entitled, ‘Science of the Vedas – its relevance in modern day society’.

The multimedia talk was organized by the Indian Cultural Society of MBS in accordance to their ‘Religious Week’ line of events. Bhaktin Padma, one of the Pandava Sena youths of Sri Jagannath Mandir Kuala Lumpur who is currently pursuing her Form 6 studies there took the responsibility to organize the multimedia talk. The talk was held in a computer lab and was scheduled to begin at 7.30am. It took quite a while to gather all the students. By 7.40am, the computer lab was crowded with approximately 70 students ranging from Form 3 to Form 6. The Indian teachers were very helpful in coordinating the students and calming them down. Around 10 Indian teachers attended the talk, which was a good turn up from the teaching force. After a brief introduction of the speaker by the host, the talk officially started at 7.45am.

Bhakta Prajindra Sankar, a representative from VOICE of Uni, Sri Jagannatha Mandir Kuala Lumpur was the guest speaker for the day. Accompanying the speaker was Bhakta Rajendran who provided technical support in arranging and setting up the laptop, projector, sound system, etc. The one hour talk was light and easy, aimed to ensure that the students understand the message being imparted. The whole session was kept interactive and there were also a number of video clips shown relating to the subject matter to enhance their understanding. The students responded well to this.

The speaker took the students on a journey through 3 different ways to acquire knowledge namely sense perception (Pratyaksha Praman), inference (Anuman Praman) and word of authority (Sabda Praman) while giving away many examples to enable the students to grasp the main points. The speaker focused on the 3rd way of acquiring absolute knowledge which is through the word of authority and then continued with the 2 systems of acquiring knowledge: inductive/ascending method and deductive/descending method. By giving few analogies, the speaker made it clear that the deductive method is the best system to acquire knowledge through the word of authority (Vedas).

Before revealing the Vedic hidden scientific treasures such as the science of the mind, soul, time, karma, reincarnation, etc, the speaker stressed the importance of Bhagavad Gita as the essence of ALL the Vedas and asserted that the rest of the presentation will be based on teachings of the Gita. The speaker spoke on the science of the mind, a subtopic more suited for students. Some of the main highlights were the mechanism of the mind, how senses, mind and intelligence interact, nature of the mind and what damage can an uncontrolled mind do to oneself and society. The speaker warned that an uncontrolled mind can lead to an undesirable action and this would trigger the Law of Karma to take its course that leads to unpleasant consequences. After briefly explaining about action and reaction, the speaker concluded the talk by giving practical techniques for mind controlling and better concentration.

The talk ended at 8.45am and shortly after, the students adjourned back to their respective classes. The students and organizers gave very good feedbacks and looking forward for another talk in the near future.

The author would like to express his sincere gratitude towards all those who had been very helpful in organizing and making this talk a success especially HG. Srivas Caitanya dasa, Bhakta Rajendran, Bhaktin Padma and HG Mathura Lilesvari Mataji. ~Hare Krishna~

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