MMU – Science of the Vedas

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Mar 5, MALACCA, MALAYSIA (WED) – Indian Cultural Society of Multimedia University (MMU), Malacca Campus organized the 2nd multimedia talk entitled ‘Science of the Soul’. Previously, in March 2007, through the same Indian Cultural Society of Multimedia University Malacca Campus, we have conducted a talk on the “Science of the Vedas.”

Upon our arrival in MMU, we were directed to the venue (CLC-2008) and was informed that the talk will be delayed about an hour due to many students are still having their classes. We noticed that there were two Chinese students already occupying the venue. They came for the talk and stayed till the end of the show, appreciating the entire presentation.

The crowd gradually swelled to 80 students. After a short welcoming address by the organizer, Bhakta Rajendran took the center stage and played a flash show depicting the current social issues involving youth and some of the VOICE of UNI activities in being part of the solution in eradicating youth’s related problem back in Kuala Lumpur. He then gave a brief introduction about the speaker and the topic.

HG Rasika Murari prabhu, then impressed and entertained the audience with his usual jovial interactive presentation. He put forward many intriguing questions regarding the body, soul and its relationships. He gave many examples and analogies how we can understand that we are not this temporary material body but eternally a spirit soul. He also touched on the many benefits that we can derive simply realizing that we are souls. He mentioned that the many troubles in the current world affairs are due to bodily designation and conception and by knowing, understanding and appreciating these common platform, that we are all soul beyond color, religion, caste, country, etc. will results in ultimate peace in the world order. He also pointed out that the real human intrinsic nature is to serve and by cultivating this serving attitude, the negative vibes such as anger, greed and lust can be easily diminished.

The talk was well received and Rasika Murari prabhu was seen answering many questions at the end of the talk. There were about 10 students surrounded him for about 40 minutes asking about ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavad Gita and our philosophy. They were truly satisfied by his answers and let him go only when the security personnel prompted them to leave the venue at about 11.15pm.

The next talk in MMU Melaka is scheduled sometime in May 2008.

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