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UNITEN – Shivarathri


March 11, KUALA LUMPUR (TUE) – Another mesmerizing and informative talk on glories of Lord Shiva was delivered by H.G.Vishnu Caitanya dasa. It was specially requested by “UNICS” the Hindu society of University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), in conjunction of Shiva rathri festival. The much needed information of Lord Shiva has definitely made the students revered the Lord as a great personality. Going further as explained by His Grace, Lord Shiva is incharge for the mode of ignorance, who is the destructive source for the whole creation. The glorification of Lord Shiva is also found in the vedas and puranas such as Srimad Bhagavatam, Shiva Puranam and so forth.



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MBS – Science of the Vedas



Mar 19, KUALA LUMPUR (WED) – Many would have thought that the ancient teachings of the Vedas are no longer applicable especially in this era of modern technology but the students of Methodist Boys School (MBS) were definitely astonished to find out the truth in contrast to our common believes after attending a multimedia presentation entitled, ‘Science of the Vedas – its relevance in modern day society’.

The multimedia talk was organized by the Indian Cultural Society of MBS in accordance to their ‘Religious Week’ line of events. Bhaktin Padma, one of the Pandava Sena youths of Sri Jagannath Mandir Kuala Lumpur who is currently pursuing her Form 6 studies there took the responsibility to organize the multimedia talk. The talk was held in a computer lab and was scheduled to begin at 7.30am. It took quite a while to gather all the students. By 7.40am, the computer lab was crowded with approximately 70 students ranging from Form 3 to Form 6. The Indian teachers were very helpful in coordinating the students and calming them down. Around 10 Indian teachers attended the talk, which was a good turn up from the teaching force. After a brief introduction of the speaker by the host, the talk officially started at 7.45am. (more…)

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MMU – Science of the Vedas


Mar 5, MALACCA, MALAYSIA (WED) – Indian Cultural Society of Multimedia University (MMU), Malacca Campus organized the 2nd multimedia talk entitled ‘Science of the Soul’. Previously, in March 2007, through the same Indian Cultural Society of Multimedia University Malacca Campus, we have conducted a talk on the “Science of the Vedas.”

Upon our arrival in MMU, we were directed to the venue (CLC-2008) and was informed that the talk will be delayed about an hour due to many students are still having their classes. We noticed that there were two Chinese students already occupying the venue. They came for the talk and stayed till the end of the show, appreciating the entire presentation. (more…)

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GBC final days overview


Mar 1, MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL – On March 1st, the seventh day of the meetings, the morning presentations focused on the Youth Fund and Mayapur Temple of Vedic Planetarium, while the afternoon session consisted of a presentation by Bhaktivedanta Institute (Kolkata) and straw voting on proposals.

Ramabhadra Prabhu presented a detailed update of the current status of the Youth Fund effort. So far, four installments, totaling $3,950,000, has been disbursed to about seven hundred youth around the world. Some unsolicited letters of appreciation were shared with the Body, the common theme being gratitude for the help and renewed faith in ISKCON.

A further $5,550,000 is due to be disbursed in several installments up to 2011, making the total amount payable $9,500,000. There was sustained applause for major contributors to the fund such as Bhakti Charu Swami ($1,000,000) and an anonymous contribution of $500,000 arranged by Radhanath Swami. Los Angeles temple, which contributed well above its quota, also drew special mention. (more…)

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GBC Breaks Meetings for Day of Retreat


Mar 2, MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL – A mock debate between GBC members on the topic of “Unity in Diversity Across the Continents” ended in intriguing circumstances during the annual GBC Retreat day on March 2. The debate was one of various activities on a day devoted to kirtana and krsna-katha in novel forms in the tranquil setting of the Jagannath Mandir.

The day began with the GBCs, Deputies, and Ministers honouring breakfast prasadam at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Mandir, following which they gathered in front of Srila Prabhupada for an invigorating kirtana by Lokanath Swami and re-taking of the Oath of Allegiance to Srila Prabhupada. The GBC then traveled to the Jagannath Mandir, an ancient temple of Lord Jagannath in a quiet village setting, where Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra were gorgeously decorated replete with golden arms. (more…)

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Overview of Days 4-6 of the GBC Meetings


Feb 27 – 29, MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL (WED – FRI) – Tension was in the air as GBC member Praghosa Das traded insults and criticisms with ISKCON Resolve Director and meeting facilitator Braja Bihari Das during a presentation by Praghosa. As the debate got uglier and began to resemble a “Daksa-yajna”, worried attendees looked to the Chairman to pacify the situation. Some considered leaving. Some were considering removing the two antagonists before the situation got out of control. The good will that had permeated the meetings thus far was being threatened. . . . (more…)

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Report from the 3rd day of the GBC meetings 2008


Feb 26, MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL (TUE) – This morning’s kirtan was led by Bhaktivaibhava Swami following which Bhakti Charu Swami read from Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.2.12:

“Immediately go wherever there is good protection for the cows and brahmanas and wherever the Vedas are studied in terms of the varnasrama principles. Set fire to those places and cut from the roots the trees there, which are the source of life.”

Srila Prabhupada’s strong comments in the purport on the proper and improper use of paper elicited humour among the meeting attendees. (more…)

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