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Feb 22, PENANG, MALAYSIA (FRI) — Another milestone achievement of CD Ministry of Iskcon KL, spreading it wings regionally, the 3rd installation of XPRESSION was successfully held at BCC Seberang Jaya, Penang.

22 February 2008, 8.00pm – Invited devotees and well wishers gathered at Srivas Caitanya Dasa house to wait for the bus that will take them to the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Centre in Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple Complex, Seberang Prai. A total number of 17 prabhus and 14 matajis bordered the bus with their luggage and about 9.00pm we left for our destination. VOICE organizing committee brought along laptops, projector, screen, mrdangas and kartals to be used during our Xpression program at BCC. The journey took approximately 6 hours and we reached the centre at 3am. Prabhus were accommodated at the bramachari ashram at the centre, and the matajis on the other hand were placed at Safira Country Club, a close distance to BCC. During the early morning hour, another three prabhus joined the others at the ashram, making the total number of prabhus staying at the ashram in the seminar hall dubbed Nityananda to be 20. 23 February 2008, 7.30am – The morning tentative began with darshan arti at BCC, more and more local devotees and well wishers joined in. HH Janananda Swami Maharaj was present and gave the mornings Bhagavatam class. HH spoke on the wonders of inspiration, a suitable topic for the youngsters as this would encourage them to take up and practice Krishna Consiousness more deeply. After morning breakfast, we headed to the Bhakti Mandir in Bukit
Mertajam and reached there about 12noon. This sudden change of location was due to the fact that VOICE organizing committee was informed of a power cut at BCC and thus made plans to have the afternoon session at Bhakti Mandir.

Devotees were blessed with a wondrous darshan of Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra deities. A short talk followed entitled “Frustrated Love : A Distortion of Satisfaction” by HG Srivas Caitanya Dasa. The talk aimed to spark out contemporary thinking among the youths so that they can handle day to day problem without hesitation and frustration with dependence on Krishna’s mercy. This was followed by interactive games organized by AIMST varsity preaching Head H.G. Surabala pr. Shortly after the games, we were served by sumptuos prasadam, prepared by Bhakti Mandir devotees.The main highlight of Voice Xpression 2008 – BCC kicked off at 7.30pm in the main hall (Pancha-tattva hall) of BCC. The event showcased all previous activities by VOICE as well as a slide commemorating Iskcon KL on last year’s performance. The spectacular flash show that was presented by Bhakta Prabhu mesmerized the crowd and the youth that was present felt that even spiritual life can be ever exciting and be current with the times.

The program continued with a short talk by Dr. Kumar Selva on “Dare to be Diffrerent,” featuring the herd mentality that is prominent in current societies. Eliminating foolish beliefs and common practices among people, Dr. Kumar brought the audience to the level of critical thinking, inquiring and asking questions on why certain things are so? Youths are encouraged to ask questions and seek bona fide answers and not to follow blindly in their daily lives. The night continued with fun filled games, mind blowing drama and of course ecstatic and bombastic kirtan. The program ended at 10.30pm with sumptuous prasadam.

The special feature of the event is the spontaneous Master of Ceremony by Bhakta Gajenddra Raj and Bhakta Hemalan Nambiar which kept the crowd laughing and entertained.

24 Feburary 2008 , 7.30am – After the morning Darshan Arti and Guru Puja, HH Janananda Maharaj took us for a kirtan ride around the BCC complex which ended with a show on Yuga Dharma. After that, we proceeded with our journey back to Kuala Lumpur.Throughout the event VOICE and the organizing committee, followed the strict rules of segregation among the youth (Prabhus and matajis) whereby all of them are strictly not encouraged to mingle and communicate to each other at any moment and at any circumstances. This is due to partly adhering to the rules and regulations that was implemented in ISKCON Pune, which was known to the world for their successful youth preaching. If this youth are properly guided with logic and reasons, we are sure to produce the leaders of the society with unrivaled character that will benefit both ISKCON and the society at large. Last but at not least, we at VOICE from the core of our heart, would like to seek the blessings of all the Vaishnavas, so that we would be a great benefit for this preaching movement of Mahaprabhu, and humanity at large.

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