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Jan 2, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (WED) — Adding to the list of successful talks at Uniten, HG Gaurachandra Dasa made his debut at Uniten on the 2nd of January 2008 by presenting the science of relationship. The talk, which is primarily based on the relationship of the soul with the supreme personality of godhead, was well received by 65 students at the university. Also present were the head or academic department, student’s affairs division and the society’s advisor.

This evening of education began with a elegant kirtan led by HG Gaurachandra prabhu, who sang the Maha Mantra tuned to the rings of the kartal, the beats of the mrdanga played by Bhakta Prajindra and the beautiful sounds of the harmonium by Bhakta Prabhu. HG took 15 mins, doing the kirtan, tuning the minds of listeners, to an almost “spiritual” frequency. At 8.45pm a small introduction into the days topic was given and then the main highlight of the day began. Gaurachandra prabhu started with basics, explaining the need to understand this divine and confidential relationship with Krsna. He then proceeded to explain the three aspects in which Krsna manifests, namely Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan. Although widely the influence of the mavayadi teachings is prevalent in the students but HG ever so successfully was able to show and prove that Krsna, the supreme lord is a person in a spiritual body and has personal and impersonal expansions. I quote HG, god is a person++. HG meant here that Krsna is a person but he is unlike the person we are, with limitations, He is a person without limitations.

About 40 minutes into the talk, HG announced a short “commercial” break, this pre-planned scheme was to promote the Voice of Uni and it’s activities to the varsity community at Uniten. This infomercial as it seemed, showcased programs done by Voice and featured their recent success, Xpression Bali. Student took well to this advertisement presented by the Master of the Ceremony, Bhakta Hemalan Nambiar, as it proved that God conscious living and realization is not boring and for the old alone.

Plenty more could be elaborated by HG on this subject matter but unfortunately time was a constraint and we ended the talk at 10.15pm. Flash presentations of Xpression Bali were aired after HG took his seat. Students were then announced on the hosting of Bhagavad-Gita workshop at the mandir on 12th January. Prasadam was served consequently. This event was fully supported by the Voice family with their presence, led by our godfathers, HG Srivas Caitanya Dasa and HG Madhumaya Krsna Dasa, along with our “trimurti” of guidance HG Visnu Caitanya Dasa, HG Rasika Murari Dasa and of course HG Gaurachandra Dasa.

Although some might have felt the subject matter to be a little heavy, the overall response from students was encouraging. Many felt the need to understand God and our relationship with him. HG was well received and people fancied his witty and comical remarks. From feedback forms collected at the end of the event, we are able to deduct that students desire knowledge on the Vedas, law of karma, and reincarnation. Although it may seem basic at a glance, nevertheless any spiritual knowledge gained will only lead them to realizing Krsna, and that is our humble service here at VOICE of Uni.

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