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Thaipusam and Ratha Yatra in Singapore


Jan 22, SINGAPORE (TUE) – In the Sri Jagannath, Sri Baladeva, Srimati Subhadra Stuti it is stated:

karunamrta pathodhi sudhamne namo namah
dinoddharaika guhyaya krpapathodaye namah

“O You who are an ocean of nectarean compassion and whose abode is most attractive, I offer my obeisances to You again and again! You uplift and deliver the fallen souls, but how you do this no one can understand. O ocean of mercy, I offer you my respectful obeisances!” As we see from the above verse, Sri Jagannath’s thoughts and activities are always engaged in trying to deliver the fallen souls of the universe. But no one knows how he actually does this. His activities are wonderful and cannot be conceived. This truth was extraordinarily exhibited in Singapore during the annual Thaipusam festival which is celebrated by all the Hindus in Singapore to glorify Lord Kartikeya. (more…)

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Bhagavad-gita Workshop for undergrads


Jan 12, KUALA LUMPUR (SAT) The second session of 6- session workshop was held simultaneously with a new batch of students who attended the first session. Two rooms were used at Sri Jagannath Mandir, one for HG Visnu Caitanya Dasa who continued with the first group and another for HG Rasika Murari Dasa, who started off with a new batch of students.

This event saw the decline in the previous participants of the first batch as the date chosen for the workshop clashed with certain varsity activities. The turn out in total for the first group is 18. Ironically, the second group saw a tremendous welcome from Masterskill College. The total turn out for the second group is 42. (more…)

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Bhakti Vriksa class for undergrads


Jan 5, PETALING JAYA (SAT) The 2nd BV class for the year 2008 was successfully organized by the VOICE of Uni team headed by Dr. Srivas Caitanya Das at the home of Bh Kumar and Bh Mei Yee. The class was attended by 29 people including His Grace Gaurachandra Prabhu and Her Grace Chandrika Mataji.

The session started with an enthusiastic kirtan by the VOICE team (lead by Prajin Prabhu) followed by an interactive short class on Lord Narashimadeva’s anger personification by Gajen Prabhu. Dr Srivas Prabhu then gave a brief overview about the benefits of vegetarianism and showed a special video on the pitiful condition of animals in slaughterhouses. (more…)

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UniTen – Science of Relationship


Jan 2, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (WED) — Adding to the list of successful talks at Uniten, HG Gaurachandra Dasa made his debut at Uniten on the 2nd of January 2008 by presenting the science of relationship. The talk, which is primarily based on the relationship of the soul with the supreme personality of godhead, was well received by 65 students at the university. Also present were the head or academic department, student’s affairs division and the society’s advisor.

This evening of education began with a elegant kirtan led by HG Gaurachandra prabhu, who sang the Maha Mantra tuned to the rings of the kartal, the beats of the mrdanga played by Bhakta Prajindra and the beautiful sounds of the harmonium by Bhakta Prabhu. HG took 15 mins, doing the kirtan, tuning the minds of listeners, to an almost “spiritual” frequency. At 8.45pm a small introduction into the days topic was given and then the main highlight of the day began. Gaurachandra prabhu started with basics, explaining the need to understand this divine and confidential relationship with Krsna. (more…)

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Undergrads usher New Year with Harinam in Balakong


Jan 1, BALAKONG, MALAYSIA (TUE) — VOICE of Uni team with full enthusiasm, were on their toe’s to start the year 2008 with Harinam sankirtana along with palanquin procession of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai at Taman Cheras Jaya, Balakong. The sweet name of the lord ushered the year with transcendental sound vibration.

As planned earlier, the VOICE of Uni team comprising of 20 core members, gathered at Dr. Srivas’s residence to prepare prasadam for the event. The cooking team was headed by Kamalavati dd and it was a fun filled moment where everyone joined hands together in the loving service of the Lord. Some core members helped Balamba mataji with the palanquin decoration. We truly felt all of us as one family, a Krishna Conscious family that was blessed by Srila Prabhupada. (more…)

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