World Holy Name Day – Malaysia

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September 22, KUALA LUMPUR (SAT) – In counjunction with the World Holy Name Day, Sri Jagannatha Mandir’s 23 sankirtan parties went out on the streets of KL/Selangor to chant the Holy ames of Krishna. Most of these parties went out on Saturday, either morning or evening, spending at least 2 hours. The number of sankirtaneers in each
party varied from 5 to 20.

Areas covered include – KL, Rawang, Banting, Subang Jaya, Klang, Port Klang, Batang Berjuntai, Kajang, Shah Alam.

It is safe to say that at least 250 devotees were involved in this blissful seva.

Every team was equipped with the necessary potent weapons – the Holy Name,prasadam and books for free distribution.

In total more than 1000 homes were visited (i.e. the party goes in the homes, chants briefly and distributes prasadam) and many more home were favoured with packet prasadam and books.

On Saturday night, an overnight harinam bhajan was performed till Mangala Arati the next morning at the temple.

The morning kirtan went on for two hours after Sringar Arati (7.30am) till 9.30am. It was followed by a discourse on the glories of the Holy Name till 10.30am.

Harinam bhajan and kirtan ensued after that till the end of Raja-bhoga Arati(1.00pm).

Many devotees had wonderful experiences to share and yesterday morning we had an opportunity to hear these pastimes.

In this way the wonderful devotees of SJMKL celebrated the World Holy Name Day.

This is our humble offering unto the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and the parampara.

May Lord Nityananda, the proprietor of the Market-place of Holy Name, kindly shower His benediction upon us.


Number of sankirtan team – 23

Number of sankirtaneers – over 200

Homes visited – more than 1000

Books distributed – more than 4000

Prasadam packets distributed – more than 5000

Places covered in Klang Valley area in Malaysia:

1 Rawang – Sriman Prakash 22.9.07 (evening)

2 Jinjang – Sriman Hari 22.9.07 (evening)

3 Setapak – HG Gaurachandra Dasa(BCS) 22.9.07 (evening)

4 Ampang – HG Visnu Caitanya Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

5 Pandan Indah – HG Rasika Murari Dasa / Saravana Khugan 22.9.07 (evening)

6 Balakong HG Srinivas Caitanya Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

7 Kajang HG Nama Caitanya Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

8 Puchong HG Sudhirsundara Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

9 Taman Yarl – HG UttamaCaitanya Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

10 Happy Garden – HG Radha Vinodhani DD 22.9.07 (morning)

11 Old Klang Road – HG Chandra Caitanya Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

12 Taman Medan – Sriman Sugumaran 23.9.07 (evening)

13 Subang Jaya – HG Sudarshan Dasa/Srimati Jeyanthy 22.9.07 (evening)

14 Sungai Buloh – HG Maha Simha Mukunda Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

15 Shah Alam HG Ramananda Gaura Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

16 Taman Sentosa – HG Sarvatirtha Krsna Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

17 Port Klang – Sriman Saravanan (Taman Medan) 17.9.07 (evening)

18 Banting – Sriman Kumar 22.9.07 (evening)

19 Brickfields – HG Gaurachandra Dasa(RNS) 22.9.07 (evening)

20 Batang Berjuntai – Sriman Selva 22.9.07 (evening)

21 Puchong – Pandava Sena & TASK 22.9.07 (evening)

22 San Ping – HG Sukhamurti Krsna Dasa 22.9.07 (evening)

23 Segambut – Sriman Vikram 22.9.07 (evening)


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