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The Jaladuta Diary – September 8

The transcendental journey of Srila Prabhupada on the Jaladuta.

Wednesday, September 8, 1965

Today at about 8 o’clock in the morning and near about Gibraltar we had a first experience of fog impediment. It was all dark round the ship and she stopped moving completely. She was whistling now and then to protect herself from other unseen ships being collided with. We started at about 11 again. 8/9/65 at about 2/30 p.m. we passed over Gibraltar Port ending at Tarita Light House. The other side is Spanish Morocco There is regular ferry steamer service. The strait is wide about seven miles across. We are in the Atlantic.”

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The Classes of Demons, Part 2

Five Dancing Apsaras

Lila pastimes with the transcendental demons.

The Gandharvas and Apsaras

“The Apsaras, denizens of the heavenly planets, are generally known as dancing girls. The girls in the heavenly planets are exquisitely beautiful, and if a woman on earth is found to be very beautiful, she is compared to the Apsaras. There were five Apsaras named Lata, Budbuda, Samici, Saurabheyi and Varna. It is said that these five beautiful dancing girls were sent by Indra to break the severe austerity of a saintly person called Acyuta Rsi. This action was typical of Indra, the King of heaven. Whenever Indra discovered someone undergoing severe austerities, he would begin to fear for his post. Indra was always anxious about his position, fearing that if someone became more powerful than him he would lose his elevated position. Thus as soon as he would see a saint undergoing severe austerities, he would send dancing girls to distract him. Even the great saint Visvamitra Muni fell victim to his plan.”

“When the five Apsaras went to break Acyuta Rsi’s meditation, they were all chastised and cursed by the saint. As a result, the girls turned into crocodiles in a lake that came to be known as Pancapsara. Lord Ramacandra also visited this place. From Sri Narada Muni’s narration, it is understood that when Arjuna went to visit the holy places, he learned about the condemnation of the five Apsaras. He delivered them from their abominable condition, and from that day the lake known as Pancapsara became a place of pilgrimage.” (Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhyam 9:27)


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