Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Me a Dome

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Aug 6, UTAH, USA (MON) – Now that the domes, arches & columns are finished for our temple here, Vaibhavi and I are thinking of giving the manufacturers the nod to continue making them for us, and our putting them up for sale to anyone who would like to incorporate them into their own temple design. Krishna Temple of Utah is the designer and owner of the molds, and can make them available to temples under our proprietorship.


Domes are of one type of material and the arches and columns are another.

The domes, called ‘onion’ and ‘cucumber’, are very sturdy carbon composite state of the art construction and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The manufacturing is from the same materials used for satellites in outer space. They should last for a very long time. The domes we have had for up to 6 years have not shown any discoloration due to the sun, snow or wind. The prices are not low, but certainly a lot cheaper than starting from scratch. Though these may cost more than domes chicken fenced with wood and stucco, in the long run they will be much, much more attractive to tourist and members, much more durable and cost effective.

Onion Lotus Dome $ 16,000.00 (without shipping)
Onion domes are 9′ diameter plus 1’6″ sloped awning)

Cucumber Dome $ 23,000.00 (without shipping)
4’6″ high plus sloped awning & pinnacles extra.This is measurement of internal height remembering it
slopes.16′ wide at the belly, 17’6″ wide to widest points of awning, 14’1″ wide at base that sits on supports.
7’5″ deep a base that sits on supports
, 9′ deep at belly: add 1’6″ all round for sloped awning

These can ship on a specially made trailer pulled with a trailer hitch, the same trailer with which they were delivered here.

The arches, columns and droplets are manufactured from GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. They are much heavier per cubic foot than the domes.

The addition of fiber glass particles to the mix gives more longevity than simple concrete. These pieces should last indefinitely. Same material is used for skyscrapers.

Large Arch 8 feet high, & 7 feet wide $ 975.00

Narrow Arch 8 feet high & 3’ 10” wide $ 450.00

Half Column 6 feet high & 1 foot 3 inches wide $ 300.00

Droplets Half $ 50.00

Droplets Full $ 100.00
(Prices without shipping)

For details of attachment and installation, Vaibhavi is available for phone consultations at 801 798-3559 or by e-mail at kusumsarovar2003@yahoo.com

There are no cad drawings of these items, or any computer renditions.These items do not come with a complimentary set of plans for the Spanish Fork temple, so please do not ask. If you want to consider copying significant portions of the building in your own locale, you will have to purchase the plans in consultation with Vaibhavi.

Prices may vary by the quantity ordered. It can take up to two months to make one dome, so if you think you’ll need four, for example, plan 8 months ahead.


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