NewVraja Dham, Hungary : Photos from the Harvest festival

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In this years harvest festival Govindanandana, Anthardi prabhus and others serving in goshala prepared a very beautiful ox cart, making everyones hearts greatly pleased. The cart and the oxen you are seeing in this picture are completely made from wood, manure and straw. Another nice side of this is that these oxen are zebus that we are desiring to breed in our farm in the future. I guess their appearance on this auspicious harvest day is a sign that soon they will be with us.

Honor guests of the festival was Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra visiting us from Budapest. A special place were prepared for them on the oxen cart and they watched the festival with little Radhey Shyama and Govardhan Lal in pleasure.

This is our dear neighbour Manjuvali mataji, writing about her to you was always in my mind, now I got her ) She cooks very delicious meals, while we were busy harvesting, she and other cooks were preparing a wonderful feast. “Kitchen” was build early morning nearby the wheat field; a stone and manure handmade stove. After this days experience, Manjuvali mataji liked it so much and said, “This is great! Lets make it in our back garden also!”

Villagers worked in cooperation to seperate the wheat pieces from the ears and they hit it with sticks. In front, Shyama and Gaura; known as the Hungarian greys are always attractive with their majesty.

Now two years old, the Italian tirol oxen Thakurji and Halladara bringing the wheat from field with the help of Govindanandana prabhuji.

Peter Maly and auntie Liszkai from the Association of the Ethnic German Traditionalists of Ecseny showed us this stone handmill during their program; “The journey of wheat from ear to bread.”

On the harvest day the children were also very excited. They played with the little calves and also harvested with the elders. Little Dharmarani tried the wood handmill carefully.

As the festival continued, our small kirtan group gave everyone inspiration and power, singing the holy songs.

Our village art studio also had an exhibition table, showing various products and research. There were small toys made from corn leave and stems, booties made from pure wool, hats and baskets. My favorite was the slippers that I use everyday at home -although they are my husbands and big. Once you get used to these corn slippers, you will see no other material gives the same healthy feeling.

I caught Peter Maly from the Association of the Ethnic German Traditionalists of Ecseny during a nice conversation. He really taught all of us the steps of harvesting with much love and patience.

We made the harvesting with scythe and hands, and with the first time introduced competition, we had very interesting and joyful time. Competition was won by an experienced group of tourists making us a surprise. A basket filled with various Krishna-valley products were given to the competitors.

After celebrating the competitors, we started ploughing the earth. First drive started with Sivarama Maharaja, then many prabhus joined, some tasting the hardship and excitement of a first experience and some ploughing masterly, we offered air to earth.

And the eagerly waited taste of the festival: capati from the years first wheat! )


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