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Prabhupada Padma-vakya – June 26


Audio files with transcripts recorded on this day
June 26, 1972, Los Angeles
Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.4.2
“So the more you develop your consciousness, the more you become a freedom lover. Just like in the human society, there is fight for freedom. But in the animal society, they do not know what is freedom.”

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June 26, 1973, Mayapura
Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.10.13
“I see some of the students, still they practice some yoga asana. That quality is not yet… He’s not yet free. But this is nonsense. This is nonsense. We should, by promise, we should not associate with any of their qualities.”
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Progressive realizations during stages of chanting

June 26, USA (TUES)

Question: Can you kindly explain what are the potential realizations in each stage of chanting i.e. nama-aparadha, nama-abhasa, and suddha-nama? Is there any positive realization (that which is favorable to Krishna consciousness) for a person in nama-aparadha stage? In other words, how can one know that one is progressing from one stage to another?

Answer: The Holy Name is like a touchstone, it can grant all desirable objects to the chanter. We know from Hari Nama Cintamani that even one who chants the Holy Name unintentionally, inattentively, jokingly or derisively, can get delivered from material existence. Such chanting is considered as “namabhasa” or a faint shadow of the Holy Name – even this shadow of the Holy Name is so powerful that it can grant all auspiciousness, up to liberation, if chanted without offense. (more…)

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Villaggio Hare Krishna Welcomes You



This spring I revisted the place where I edited the “Darsana” book for six months. You should visit it, too — Hare Krsna Village, near Milan — to see beautiful Deities.

Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Radharamana have jewelry decorating Their waists and wrists that is custom-made by devotees. Their outfits and the backdrops are first-class.

The new altar is especially attractive. The temple room was renovated in the past two or three years, and a new, carved wooden altar from India was painted off-white, with trim of blue and silver (Srila Prabhupada’s vyasanana matches it). Absolutely elegant!

The modern Deity kitchen is always producing wonderful offerings, and the pujaris are devoted and talented.

The old temple-room roof was raised. Large new windows near the ceiling and floor admit lots of light. The ceiling is finished in a professionally done pattern of silver stars.

Cameras on the ceiling broadcast the morning programs and darshans. On the wall — along with a few BBT paintings — is a large Sony TV screen. The temple-room floor was redone in wood, with some marble inlay. You can walk on the roof, where there are three (small) Vrindavan-style domes. (more…)

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Hindu Prayer To Open US Senate



History will be created when a Hindu prayer will be recited at the opening of the US Senate in Washington DC on July 12.

Rajan Zed, a Hindu chaplain, told IANS that he had been officially asked to say the prayer. He said he believes this may be the first time any Hindu prayer is delivered in the Senate since its formation in 1789. (more…)

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Bhaktivedanta College Awards First Bachelor’s Degrees



On Wednesday and Thursday, June 21 and 22, 2007, students of Bhaktivedanta College, at Radhadesh, Belgium, celebrated the end of the academic year. The first six students to complete the three-year Ministerial Programme were going to receive Bachelor of Theology degrees from the college, in partnership with the University of Wales Lampeter. This is a milestone in ISKCON history: Srila Prabhupada had recommended this sort of relationship between ISKCON and a university.

On Wednesday afternoon, the students and staff took a guided tour of the Hotton Caves, an outstanding natural heritage site, to associate with one another after the final days of exams and essays. Joining them was Bhakti Vijnana Goswami, a sannyasi from Russia and the guest of honor for the graduation ceremony. He’d flown in from California the day before to encourage the college project because his strong interests include leadership training. Also on hand were Janmastami Dasa, the director of the Mayapur Institute for Higher Education and Training, and his wife, Samkalpa Dasi (from Germany), and their two teenage sons. (more…)

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Upgrade Your Life: Systematic Sastric Study in the Holy Dham


June 26, INDIA (TUES)

When I joined the movement in 1977, “Chant, dance and be happy” was the motto on all the devotees’ lips. It was like the implicit contract we signed when we joined: if we chanted and danced, we would be happy. As the years rolled by I found out about the fine print in the contract: to “chant, dance and be happy”, we had to go through a lot of hardships. So it wasn’t always easy to remain enthusiastic and determined in my service. The upheavals and changes in our movement sometimes bewildered me, but in 1989 I discovered something that makes chanting, dancing, and being happy a lot easier. I discovered the Vrindavana Institute of Higher Education (VIHE). (more…)

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The reason is the healthy food served by Hare Krishnas



INMATES at a jail in southern India are eating so well many are reluctant to leave and other convicted criminals are trying to move in.

The Parappana Agrahara prison in Bangalore is crowded with 4700 inmates, more than twice its capacity, because petty criminals are refusing to apply for bail, the Bangalore Mirror says.

Juvenile offenders are also overstating their age to qualify as adults and get in.

The reason is the healthy food served by Hare Krishnas, who began serving pure vegetarian fare on May 21, under contract from the prisons department. (more…)

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