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Feb 25, KUALA LUMPUR (SUN) – HG Gaura Chandra das (RNS)  delivered a wonderful interactive class to the youths last Sunday in Sri Jagannatha Mandir. The topic given to prabhu was Chanting Hare Krishna. The entire class was very well planned and he started by explaining the importance of chanting and why we should chant. Prabhu explained how everyone in this world are looking for one thing – HAPPINESS and in the material world, no matter what we may have we will end up in distress. Only by turning to the Lord and engaging ourselves in His service will we ever get the HAPPINESS or BLISS. He quoted Srila Prabhupada’s analogy that says that a man in the material world is like a fish out of water.

Prabhu also highlighted the wonderful results of chanting Hare Krishna, namely:-
a) Sins are destroyed gradually
b) Sinful desires and tendency are destroyed
c) Purification from all ignorance
d) Awakening of attraction/love for the Lord
e) Gives ultimate bliss

Prabhu expertly tied in these results with the verses of Siksataka, the 8 instructions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He also took some time to practically demonstrate how to chant on beads for the benefit of those who are rather new. He stressed on the 3P strategy of chanting:-
P – Posture
P – Pronounciation
P – Prayerful mood

The youths were very happy and said that they learned a lot from the class. Again we thank prabhu for taking some time to contribute towards the development of the youths, specifically those aged 13 – 19 in Sri Jagannatha Mandir.

With the support and guidance of HG Uttama Caitanya das, the youths have many plans lined up for 2007 and we request all devotees to pray that our endeavours will be successful.


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