Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather

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Feb 24, DENVER, COLORADO (YOURHUB) — The Vedic Viewpoint and Other Spiritual Perspectives.

There are four kinds of miseries described in the Vedic literature. One is miseries caused by other living entities, such as; people, bugs, animals, reptiles, etc. We can just reflect on how many pains we have encountered by others. Then there are the miseries caused by the body, which is self explanatory. The third is miseries caused by the mind, which can be the most terrible suffering for so many people. And last there are miseries caused by the Devas or Higher angel, also known as demi-gods. They are empowered by God as superintendents of the material world. They control the weather and the all natural disasters.

The Vedas describe that due to an abundance of sinful activities caused by human beings, the Devas create severe weather patterns such as extreme heat or cold and drought or flooding and heavy winds, etc. Severe weather is not caused by global warming as many are led to believe.

There are four major pillars of sinful activities. One is consumption of intoxications, the second is meat eating (and all unnecessary killing), the third is illicit sex (sex outside of marriage) and the last is gambling. As long as people are committing these four major sins, we can expect all kinds of miseries presented by these higher angels.

Whenever a demoniac child is born it is said that there will be tumultuous weather. Mother Earth cannot bear the foot steps of the demons on her surface, so she creates earth quakes, and volcanoes for their sinful reactions. Tornadoes are actually living entities coming to destroy everything in its path to cause suffering on many levels. Vayu is the angel in control of wind and he creates terrible winds, tidal waves, tsunamis and hurricanes. Indra Deva is in charge of the rain and lightning and can make drought, floods and destroy with his lightening bolts.

We have to learn the process of stopping these bad karmic reactions so we can live more peacefully. We also need to learn the process of creating good children so that they do not become sinful and cause all these disasters. We ourselves have to simply give up sinning. Yes- it can be done, otherwise the saints and spiritual masters would not ask us to do so. Jesus Christ said “Go and sin no more.” He wouldn’t ask something of us that we were not able to do.

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada asked all of his disciples to vow not to commit the four sinful activities mentioned above. And Lord Buddha also proclaimed this but we can see that even his teachings are becoming watered down. We shouldn’t pretend that it is alright to sin and think that everything will be A.O.K. – that is pseudo religion.

The bottom line is if people want heaven on earth and to be peaceful and happy, we have to create that atmosphere, which begins with righteous action, otherwise you can expect more and more miseries from every direction.

There is individual sin and there is collective, national sin. Certain nations due to the citizens following the masses create national karma. So let’s not indulge in following the less intelligent people to create a hellish nation. Do your part and you will get some relief from all this suffering and teach your family members the path of righteousness, after all it is a parent’s duty. Do it for Gods sake, for yourself, for your nation and for humanity at large. We can all pitch in by not committing the four sinful activities and create a more peaceful atmosphere.

For more information on this topic and how to live peacefully — read Bhagavad-gita as it is by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada — Who brought this essence of the Vedic knowledge for all of us fallen.


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