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Parishad: Sri Vasudeva Datta Thakur


vraje sthitau gayakau yau
mukunda-vasudevau tau
dattau gauranga-gayakau

In Vraja there were two singers named Madhukantha and Madhuvrata. They appeared in Chaitanya lila as Mukunda and Vasudeva Datta, who were singers in the society of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
(Gaura-ganoddesha-dipika 140)

Sri Vasudeva Datta was born in the Chittagong district of modern Bangla Desh, in the village of Chanhara, which is under the jurisdiction of the police station named Patiya. This village is situated ten kosas, or about twenty miles, from the village of Mekhala where Pundarika Vidyanidhi made his home. Mahaprabhu’s associate Mukunda Datta was Vasudeva Datta’s brother. (more…)


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Youth class


Feb 25, KUALA LUMPUR (SUN) – HG Gaura Chandra das (RNS)  delivered a wonderful interactive class to the youths last Sunday in Sri Jagannatha Mandir. The topic given to prabhu was Chanting Hare Krishna. The entire class was very well planned and he started by explaining the importance of chanting and why we should chant. Prabhu explained how everyone in this world are looking for one thing – HAPPINESS and in the material world, no matter what we may have we will end up in distress. Only by turning to the Lord and engaging ourselves in His service will we ever get the HAPPINESS or BLISS. He quoted Srila Prabhupada’s analogy that says that a man in the material world is like a fish out of water.


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Dola-yatra, Holi & Gaura Purnima


Feb 25, JAGANNATH PURI, ORISSA (SUN) — Free download.

Here in Jagannatha Puri, tiny cashew and mango buds are beginning to blossom, their fragrance filling the atmosphere. Migrating birds have returned after a brief winter, and off-shore breezes constantly carry the sound of sea waves rhythmically washing onto the beach.

This atmosphere inspires the Lord to perform various lilas: Dola-yatra (swing festival), Holi (throwing colors), and of course, the full moon day is Gaura Purnima. Srila Rupa Gosvami’s Vidagdha-madhava 1.10 describes: “Springtime had arrived, and the full moon of that season inspired the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is complete in everything, with new attraction to meet the beautiful Srimati Radharani at night to increase the beauty of Their pastimes.” (more…)

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Timeless Ritual


Feb 25, VRINDAVAN, INDIA (THE HINDU) — The Lat Maar Holi is an enactment of an incident from the life of Lord Krishna.

Colours of Tradition: Women dancing in the forecourt of Baldeo temple
[Photos by Hugh and Colleen Gantzer]

IT was go-dhuli time in the Braj. In the twilight, cattle plodded home across the scrublands of the Braj, raising pollen-clouds of dust: go-dhuli is, literally, “cow-dust” time. Such pastoral metaphors are typical of the heartland of Uttar Pradesh with its long historical associations with herds-people. About 3,500 years ago, their Aryan ancestors, migrating down from the steppes of Asia, discovered these lush meadows. When they settled here they called this green terrain “Braj Bhoomi”: Land of the Encampments of Herdsmen. From these growing encampments, usually occupied by one extended family, came the term gotra: literally cattle-pen. To prevent the genetic dangers of endogamy, they established the tradition that one could not marry within one’s own gotra. Significantly, the dominant clan here was not any of the martial Rajputs, but powerful herds-people: the canny Yadavs. One of the great Yadav chieftains was Lord Krishna. (more…)

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Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather


Feb 24, DENVER, COLORADO (YOURHUB) — The Vedic Viewpoint and Other Spiritual Perspectives.

There are four kinds of miseries described in the Vedic literature. One is miseries caused by other living entities, such as; people, bugs, animals, reptiles, etc. We can just reflect on how many pains we have encountered by others. Then there are the miseries caused by the body, which is self explanatory. The third is miseries caused by the mind, which can be the most terrible suffering for so many people. And last there are miseries caused by the Devas or Higher angel, also known as demi-gods. They are empowered by God as superintendents of the material world. They control the weather and the all natural disasters.

The Vedas describe that due to an abundance of sinful activities caused by human beings, the Devas create severe weather patterns such as extreme heat or cold and drought or flooding and heavy winds, etc. Severe weather is not caused by global warming as many are led to believe.

There are four major pillars of sinful activities. One is consumption of intoxications, the second is meat eating (and all unnecessary killing), the third is illicit sex (sex outside of marriage) and the last is gambling. As long as people are committing these four major sins, we can expect all kinds of miseries presented by these higher angels. (more…)

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Seva International Inaugurates Temple, Rebuilt After Tsunami

Feb 23, POOMBUKAR, TAMIL NADU (HPI) — On the morning of December 26, 2004, giant Tsunamis unleashed by a massive undersea earthquake in distant Sumatra lashed coastal areas across South and East Asia causing death and destruction on a massive scale. Millions of people were affected. Whole communities were destroyed with several thousands in India and Sri Lanka killed and left homeless without adequate food, water and shelter.

Sanjay Jagatia, Public Relations Coordinator for Sewa International said “as well as providing initial relief, Sewa International took up the challenge to provide both short and long term rehabilitation in two of the worst affected countries – Sri Lanka and India. As part of our rehabilitation work Sewa International, along with its partner organizations, undertook massive rehabilitation activities in the tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the Batticoloa District of Sri Lanka and has built houses, community centers, vocational training centers, schools and orphanages. All of these projects were completed from generous donations that we collected in the UK.” (more…)

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ISKCON Mangalore Takes out Ratha Yatra

[Photos by R.K. Bhat]

Feb 17, MANGALORE, INDIA (SAT) — The Mangalore unit of ISKCON organised the 4th Annual Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra Festival here on Saturday 17 Feb 2007, at PVS circle to give people a live experience of a peaceful and joyful life.

At the inaugural function Vice President of ISKCON temple Pandith Madudasaji, Bangalore was present.

After the special pooja and distribution of Prasadam, the Rathayatra was flagged off at 5.30 pm near the PVS junction. The ‘Ratha’ passed through the Navabharath Circle, Hampanakatta Circle, Townhall, Central Market, Car Street and Alake, Mannagudda areas and culminated at the ‘Sanghanikethan’ at 8.30 pm. The function concluded with ‘Bhajans’ and ‘Vishesh Pooja’ and distribution of Prasadam. (more…)

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