Astrology and Karma

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Jan 12, DENVER, COLORADO (THE HUB) — The Vedic Viewpoint and Other Spiritual Perspectives.

There are two main types of astrology, one is Vedic astrology which is based on the sidereal system and Western astrology witch is based on the tropic system. Vedic astrology is the original astrology stemming in the East, from a unbroken lineage, which has been used since the beginning of time, and Western astrology also used in Europe, is a man made understanding, used in the new age realms and is less accurate and not as thorough.

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, in Sanskrit literally means the science of light, which is the science of understanding the subtle influences which are of the laws of karma. (Reaction to past actions) For example at the time of ones birth, the stars (planets) are situated in a certain constellation from which a good astrologer can see ones karma from ones previous lives. A well trained astrologer can ascertain what ones qualities, strengths and weaknesses, prosperity, enjoyment and suffering, path of life and life purpose, or if one has a good chance for liberation. Liberation- meaning ending the cycle of repeated birth and death and returning to the spiritual world at the end of this life. All of this knowledge is written in the stars and can be assessed to help understand our karma and how to make progress in this life.

Through history, Vedic culture has used astrology for making almost all important decisions in life, such as assessing compatibility between a man and women to be married. It was also used to determine auspicious times and dates to perform the wedding ceremony, and has been used to determine auspicious days and times for conceiving a child. Business men would use it to make an important decision, or when is the most auspicious time to start a business or buy a hose or property… It is also used to find out ones strengths and weaknesses so one can better understand oneself and make adjustments and try to improve.

The stars are heavenly planets in the material world which are each ruled by a different superintendent or Deity who is designated by God. They are godly souls who are in charge of giving out our good or bad karmic reactions, which mostly stem from our previous lives. Have you ever asked yourself, why is a baby born in a poor family or blind and another rich and healthy? One must understand the laws of karma and reincarnation to understand that God is an all merciful, loving God. Otherwise you have to guess that He is just saying “ennie meenie mine moe, you get this for no reason and you get that for no reason” which is a senseless idea and creates hate towards God and atheism.

A good astrologer can give remedies that will please the specific rulers of each planet that counteract ones karma. Jyotish advocates that spiritual practices or Sadhana, such as mantra meditation and offerings of sacrifice (not-animal) helps neutralize the effects of karma. Some astrologers also recommend certain stones to wear and rituals to perform. A pure Vaisnava Vedic astrologer (Practitioner of Bhakti who is devoted to worshiping the Supreme God with love) will have a person offer their sacrifices and meditation to the Supreme God, (Krishna) instead of the presiding deities of the planets. Krishna has many names in different religions, such as Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu, Rama, etc.

It is said in the Bhagavad-Gita- that only the less intelligent worship the demi-gods and if one does they only worship Krishna, but they do so in a wrong way. When one becomes spiritually advanced they worship God directly knowing that all these rulers are His servants and get their power from Him and they must follow His rule. When someone offers their sacrifice to the Supreme God, their karma becomes neutralized and if one learns how to do all of their activities in life as an offering to God, desiring no material benefit, they will have no karmic reaction to any of their activities. One must also follow certain regulative principals and chant the holy names of God, which are recommended in the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God- spoken by Krishna Himself, 5,000 years ago). If one follows these instructions they will be “walking in this world, but not of “as Lord Jesus once instructed. Then at the end of this life one will return to the eternal spiritual world, which is the main goal of liberation, (moksha) and there will be no more material birth, death, old age, disease or astrological reading needed.

By Jayasri Radha

To understand the pure teachings of Vedic culture and the purest form of liberation, read Bhagavad Gita As it is By A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, who brought them to the western world in 1965.

Go to for more understanding on Vedic Culture and Jyotish.


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