Nityananda, Guru Tattva

December 14, 2006 at 7:22 pm 1 comment


Dec 12, USA (TUE) —

Came to this world as the son of Padmavati Devi
He gave this miserable Kali Yuga the light to see
That Gaurasundar Vishwambar is our real master
Let us start running to him, faster and faster

Hadai Pandit could not leave Nitai alone anywhere
He always took his beloved son with him everywhere
Their love grew and grew until their bodies melted together
Seeing this the happiness increased within the mother

But Nityananda’s parents couldn’t keep him for long
In came a sanyassi singing his heartbreaking song
Just like king Dasarath his father felt the knife
And out of intense separation soon gave up his life

Nityananda prabhu toured all the holy places
And in each he found many interesting cases
But only until he met Madhavendra Puri did he feel grateful
Why, without Vaishnava association nothing is fruitful

A sudden inspiration told him to meet his brother
He was going to establish the samkirtan movement and none other
So Nitai set off to find his Lord on foot
And on the way he worked on people’s hearts, removing the soot

The meeting between the two Lords is indescribable
I can only relate what I am able
That day the most fortunate person was Nandanacharya
Otherwise why would this auspicious event take place in his griha?

Nitai’s Vyas Puja occurs in Srivas Angan
It was ecstatic with everyone glorifying Sri Radha Raman
The house of Srivas became a storehouse of ecstasy
And everyone could now understand the Lord’s supremacy

Then one day on the order of his Lord
He went to transcendentally bind the people with his “cord”
But Jagai and Madhai were filling him with dismay
They hated this Harinam movement and hit him with a pot made of clay

Then Vishwambar came as angry as fire
The Sudarsan came upon his fiery desire
Nityananda however interrupted
And by his desire the rogues became liberated

Such are the glories of Nityananda
His entire personality was filled with prema
The Vedas describe of his appearance and disappearance
However of his glories there is no clearance!


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  • 1. radhacharan das  |  February 7, 2007 at 10:07 am

    It is simple but clearly and deeply written. It is an inspiration


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