Seven Seconds, Eight Words

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Dec 3, CALIFORNIA, USA (SUN) — I’m dying. You’re dying. We’re all dying. Again. At least a little. Maybe a lot. Before long, in what will seem like a blink to the soul, we’ll all be dead. Again.

What will my consciousness be at my time of reckoning (the final test for all of intrinsic value which I may have been so fortunate to really learn in this rarified human life)? Never mind who I pretended to follow so I might “fit” in (and meanwhile lull myself back to sleep with false esteem and a sense of quasi-belonging.)

Hopefully, I have not lived my life as a dharmadvaji/kali-chela, feebly attempting to hide misdeeds and improprieties behind kunti-mala and tilak. Such cheap disguises cannot fool Sri Yamaraj, who is worshiped in his ghastly form in Tibet for eating the perverters of the Dharma as his foodstuff. Mmmm! Tasty critters! And so many of them, too!

King Pariksit had seven days advance warning of his impending transmigration. Few souls are given such immediate warning of the so-called end. What if I had a mere seven seconds notice of my death? What thought or ideal would I focus my total concentration upon out of countless possibilities? Is this the thought or ideal which can really cause the most benefit to myself and other jivas?

In my outer life as a construction worker I have much contact with many suffering souls of all races and creeds. The overwhelming majority of these jivas are unlikely to ever frequent any of the various attempts of socialized Krishna Consciousness within their sad lives. Additionally, in the hospitals which I build and remodel, I am often working in and around cancer wards, where the smell of hopelessness and death are thick in the air. In such dire circumstances, my heavy heart wishes that with my entire utmost being I might be allowed to loudly bellow endlessly the Holy Name of Sri Hari to my suffering brothers and sisters. Over and over again. Until there is Consciousness of nothing other than Sri Hari.

Sometimes, I happen to be around groups of workers who barely speak English as they converse in their own native tongue. I nonchalantly chime in with the Bengali verse of Sri Vrindaban Das Thakur, Mahaprabhu’s emphatic instruction to Sri Rupa and all other jivas:

prabhu kohe jiva doya
vaishnava seva nam ruchi

I must wake up! And then wake others up! Serve the true Vaishnavas and Sri Nam Prabhu will bless me with a real taste for His Holy Name. My heart will then become consumed by compassion for the suffering of jivas and the attempt to give them this same taste.

If I had seven seconds advance notice of my death, it is These Eight Words of Mahaprabhu upon which I would focus my utmost attention before shouting Hari! Hari! Hari! Hari!….. until my final gasp escaped my withered lungs.

Sri Guru teaches everyone for all time that by hearing from the Guru without, all souls might learn to really listen to the Guru within. Unfortunately, ecclesiastical bureaucrats usually attempt to stifle such natural communion between soul and Supersoul because it may not serve the distorted protocols of the institutional hierarchy. Regardless, eventually I must simply be a soul and again become friends with the Other Bird of the tree of my ephemeral existence, Sri Ksirodakshayi Vishnu, Supersoul, the Lord of the heart, the Guru within. Then I must show other jivas how to re-awaken this same Friendship within themselves. Such Friendship is the birthright of all souls. And the incumbency of all of Mahaprabhu’s True Followers.

Mahaprabhu has ordered all His real followers for all time to become re-awakened within themselves with real Krishna Consciousness and then become a real guru and awaken the countless suffering jivas. Never mind institutionalization of ideals or ecclesiasticism of asceticism. Countless suffering jivas, many of them in human form, are facing only great sadness at death, because of a lack of Krishna Consciousness. They are ignorant of the apparently obsessive significance of the various philosophical quibblings of selfish sophists and only know that death fast approaches. Same as it ever was.

Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada risked everything at a very advanced age, sacrificing his entire existence for the Pleasure of Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga, and also out of intense compassion for the suffering of total strangers on the opposite end of the globe. Please. All his real followers must naturally extend the same compassion. To all the countless suffering jivas blazing in the great conflagration of material existence. Can you feel the heat? Can you hear their screams?

Live every instant like it’s your last, and some moment you’re sure to be right.


Jagabandhu Dasa


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