Three Component Parts of the Lord’s Internal Energy – Part 2

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The second of the three “internal modes” is samvit-sakti (cit) – the Lords “knowledge” potency.

It is between this energy and the external energy (maya), that the marginal energy-the living entities (jivas), exist [1]. It is understood that the marginal energy is emanating from the samvit-sakti. It is this potency through which the Lord “knows Himself and causes others to know Him” [2] as well. When the jivas are covered by maya, they forget the Lord and their eternal relationship with Him, and become eternally conditioned (nitya-baddha) [3] in the darkness of her existence.

Because the Lord is omnipotent, He is fully cognizant without restriction-knowing everything everywhere. The jivas on the other hand, are limited in their cognition, due to innumerable impediments. “The cognition of the living beings has three divisions: direct knowledge, indirect knowledge and perverted knowledge.” [4] 

Perverted knowledge is the perception of the phenomenal world through the materially contaminated “knowledge acquiring senses” (namely: the ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and skin). This adulteration causes forgetfulness of ones original nature, and forces one into a life of illusion and bondage.

Indirect knowledge, though more perfect, is considered a negative cognition due to its acquisition through adulterated senses. Impersonal and monistic reality is discovered by this means-through astanga-yoga , etc.

Direct knowledge is realization of the Personality of Godhead, which becomes possible only “when the samvit factor of cognition is enlightened by the hladini [5] potency of the same internal energy.” [6]

Knowledge of both the noumenal and phenomenal worlds is made possible by the samvit-sakti .


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[5 ] Krsna’s internal pleasure potency, headed by Srimati Radharani.
[6] Adi 4.67 – Purport
[7] SB 5.12.8 – Purport


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