Injured soldiers

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The haze had left us all sick. Some were vomitting and others coughing and having diarrhea. Just as they recovered, their Final exams were due.

Then it was time for making Deepavali cookies. In my eagerness to do the Deepavali Caroling I had forgotten about allocating some time for making the cookies.The Lord must have been hungry for those cookies, so I guess we all fell sick for a good reason….to feed him with those cookies.

Now we only had a couple of days until the end of the Damodara month. So marched out again on Saturday, this time a cousin who had come to visit us came along.

After the first house, the rain poured. We were stuck there for almost an hour. The kids were all so disappointed. The moment it cleared a little we rushed out again. The next house we went to turned us away, saying most of the family members were bathing and they were going out..The children were wet walking in the puddles of rain.

But their enthusiasim was amazing, they wanted to still try again. We knocked on another house just as they were going out. Our hearts were was heavy fearing the rejection that will come again. But to our surprise, they allowed us in and we even brought out dhupa, and flowers. So with our ghee sticks we did an arati for them. We could feel the presence of the Lord there as we sang the Mahamantra. They promised to come for Tulasi Vivaha and Sunday programs.

We went to another two houses before we went back. At home, my cousin remarked, “Oh we could have done another house….” The enthusiasm had caught up on her as well………Deepavali Caroling is certainly contagious to anyone, you just have to rope them along wth ropes of love. And guess what, she is following us for Tulasi Vivaha..

Your servant,



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Damodara report 5 Sayonara “Damodara 2006”

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