Update on the haze

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The latest Malaysian Meteorological department report confirms that the haze is not caused by the open forest burning in Indonesia.  Rather, the epicenter of the haze emission was zoomed down to Klang Valley. Surprised?   The environment dept officers are frantically looking for the ‘culprits’ in order to quickly to diffuse the situation fearing repercussion from our ASEAN neighbours and being lambasted by Indonesia for passing the blaim. The problem was detected as early as September this year but the situation only ‘worsened’ recently. Many are ‘suffering’ from its side effects. Some experts fear, it could become ‘chronic’ and untreatable. 

Some analysts fear that the scale of this ‘threat’ could escalate unless something ‘drastic’ is done to stem its growth. Though its effect is only sporadic at the moment, it is said that the whole nation is under ‘threat’from this climatic ‘catastrophe.’ One can only estimate the amount of ‘damage’ it could inflict upon the populace – young and old alike. Now the million-dollar question – What is the cause? Who are the ‘culprit’? Careful study shows that it originated from a quiet suburban in KL. For the past few years, a group of young and old have been gathering here to plot this ‘catastrophe’. Inside sources say they planning for revolution to take place – locally, nationwide and eventually, global.  This ‘disgruntled’ group has a grandiose plan for a utopian society. A society where there is peace and brotherhood based on non-sectarian God consciousness. 

How they plan to do achieve this? The haze is simply a miniscule symptomatic exhibition of what lies in the future if the GRAND plan is not implemented quickly. This ‘insidious’ plan was plotted by one elderly gentleman from India some 40 years ago. He hatched a masterplan for a global renaissance.   The ‘impenitent’ Malaysian branch of this network’s burning desire to spread this revolution in our country has resulted in the climatic phenomena, namely the ‘haze’. The ‘smoke’ emanating from their blazing, impervious desire is NOT the ONLY cause. The smoke that is produced by the burning of thousands of ghee lamps is said the PRIMARY cause. During this month called ‘DAMODARA’ by the group, it has brought about thousands of ‘unsuspecting victims’ into their web-ring whereby each of the ‘victims’ are lovingly induced to offer ghee lamp to the Supreme Lord. This, the group believes, will spark a revolution in the mind and hearts of the ‘victims’ who will soon see the daylight of things and understand the real purpose of human life – i.e. to live in harmony with man and nature in a God-centered society.  At long last, the case is coming to close. A star on the shoulder for the investigating team. But one thing remains unsolved – the puzzle for the enforcement officers is whether to punish or reward the ‘culprits.’


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