The excitement begins

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The month of Damodar has started and the excitement was visible virtually in veryone…devotees…friends..and well wishers.At 3.30 am on the day the auspicious month began …a beep on the hand phone was heard…a SMS which read as follows…“HAPPY DAMODARA MONTH” from Sriman Charan ..the greetings carried the mood of joy.
It was similar in SJMKL…we had a good start for the month…the altar deco was impressive and inspired so many devotees to follow suit in thier homes.
It is as HG Uttama pr mentioned during the Sunday discourse…this year we have so many devotees from young to the seniors coming up with innovative approaches to celebrate this month truly unprecedented….Sriman Ravi Ayakanu pr …made inroads at KL sentral for a booth dedicated for Damodar prog….Jeyanthy mataji…going door to door leaving fliers…the children (5 yrs -8 yrs) dressed as gopas with Subhashini mataji going for Damodar Caroling, believe it or not Damodar pujas at car wash center for the attendants,Harinams by teams in Taman Sentosa,Segambut,Ampang Avenue,Batang Berjuntai,Brickfields and the list goes on.

Temples and orphanages have been approached and programs have been confirmed by their respective coordinators…HG Rasika, Sriman Kamalanathan and Bhakta Segaran.

HG Sunder Syam pr has mobilised his dynamic team to take the program by storm and so are the other yatra leaders HG Munisresta of Batang Berjuntai ,HG Ram Gopinath of Klang HG Naganam of Rawang HG Atma Rama of Ampang Sriman Veraya/HG Suddhir of Puchong HG Gaura Candra(BCS) of Setapak HG Nama Caitanya dasa HG Kalpa Vrksa and the list goes on.

The CP director HG Srivas Caitanya pr takes leadership by example leading his yatra in Balokong for both home progs and Harinam.

The youth team headed by Her Grace Mathuralileswari have made plans with the Harinam coordinator HG Ramananda pr for Damodar Sankirtan.

Sriman Roshan of SIA (resides in Bangsar)…has planned to celebrate with his pilot colleagues….. his first with them.

HG Santa Radhika mtj(Ruby)-a home maker with her good husband-HG Nanda Gopal pr…are coordinating 10 programs in thier apartment.

The Damodar festival dept will keep the devotees/friends informed of all updates …. AND A REQUEST….please feel free to write your experience and the joy of giving this festival(Lord Damodar) to others…via Haritosanam.

By our latest count 20,000 clay ghee lamps have been taken up…..

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada who simply made all these possible by inspiring us.

yasyam vai sruyamanayam
krsna parame puruse
bhaktir udpadyate pumsah
soka moha bhaya paha

SB 1.7.7
Simply by hearing the pastimes of Krsna the feeling of loving devotional service sprouts up at once to extinguish the fire of lamentation,illusion and fearfullness

Sri Damodar Massa ki Jai

Yours in Vaishnava service,

Vishnu Caitanya das

Damodar Festival Department

Under the Patronage of HG Vrndavan Candra dasa

Congregational Preachers Division SJMKL 


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