Prayers to eliminate the haze

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The haze reminds me of Krsna’s pastime in swallowing the forest fire. If we can all meditate on this I feel we can get rid of the haze somehow. I have extracted out some verses from the Srimad Bhagavatham. Please read and pray that by the mystic power of Krsna, He will swallow the forest fire that is causing the haze in our country. In turn we can breathe freely as we distribute the love of God from house to house during this Damodara month.  Srimad Bhagavatham Canto 10.19.9-12 kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa mahā-vīra he rāmāmogha vikrama

dāvāgninā dahyamānān

prapannāḿs trātum arhathaḥ

[The cowherd boys said:] O Kṛṣṇa ! Kṛṣṇa! Most powerful one ! O Rāma! You whose prowess never fails! Please save Your devotees, who are about to be burned by this forest fire and have come to take shelter of You!

nūnaḿ tvad-bāndhavāḥ kṛṣṇa

na cārhanty avasāditum

vayaḿ hi sarva-dharma-jña

tvan-nāthās tvat-parāyaṇāḥ

Kṛṣṇa! Certainly Your own friends shouldn’t be destroyed. O knower of the nature of all things, we have accepted You as our Lord, and we are souls surrendered unto You!

śrī-śuka uvāca

vaco niśamya kṛpaṇaḿ

bandhūnāḿ bhagavān hariḥ

nimīlayata mā bhaiṣṭa

locanānīty abhāṣata

Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Hearing these pitiful words from His friends, the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa told them, “Just close your eyes and do not be afraid.”

tatheti mīlitākṣeṣu

bhagavān agnim ulbaṇam

pītvā mukhena tān kṛcchrād

yogādhīśo vyamocayat

“All right,” the boys replied, and immediately closed their eyes. Then the Supreme Lord, the master of all mystic power, opened His mouth and swallowed the terrible fire, saving His friends from danger.   




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Bahulastami Update on the haze

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