Parties vs Caroling

October 30, 2006 at 4:47 pm Leave a comment


There were too many birthday parties to attend and do this month. It was taking up the weekend evenings we planned to go for Deepavali Caroling.

Vinodh’s party was tomorrow as well. And the next weekend was already Deepavali. I decided to sacrifice attending my niece’s birthday, but just to please my sister, I sent Vinodh and Breenda to the party. Then Shevaanni, Tarshini and I planned our getaway so we could do the caroling. Shevaanni said she was too old for clowns. Harinam was her cup of tea.    Sudarshan pr followed us this time. The light drizzle didn’t stop us. I made sure we had caps on so that we don’t fall sick unnecessarily. Subang Jaya is not an easy place to just walk in to someone’s home. We have had some peculiar encounters i.e.   

  1. Sorry we don’t want to take the photo of Krishna as we have enough deity pictures on our altar, and we don’t want to cause an offense by not worshipping Him properly.

  2. I haven’t had my bath yet, and it is an offense to show a lamp without doing so.

  3. I just ate fish, how can I show a lamp?

  4. You should call before coming.

  5.  Please make it short. My husband needs to catch up with the serials he is watching.

Anyway, we managed to convince them to show a lamp somehow. We also realized that the easiest people to reach out to, were those with children. Hardly any child we met, knew about Lord Ram, let alone the story of the killing of the Narakasura demon. Shevaanni just stared in disbelief. And she said “I am so glad we have you, ma.” We may not realize this but it is the truth. Only a handful in a million knows about the Absolute Truth. And we are so lucky to have found shelter in Srila Prabhupada. I am beginning to realize the truth in what was told to us in Mayapur – that the Vedic knowledge will be spread to the whole world from outside
India. We must be part of the spiritual messengers.
  The rain stopped after we visited 2 homes. We managed to enter 8 homes on 14/10/2006, the last one was at my sister’s place, and to date we have used up about 90 ghee sticks in 15 homes. Haribol! 




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