Deepavali Caroling

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The same crowd attended the Damodara celebration in my house for the last couple of years. I was getting frustrated – most relatives and friends don’t seem to have the same frequency when it comes to spiritual understanding. Only one was chanting seriously. Her husband attends our festivals regularly. I decided all we can do for the rest of them was to feed them prasadam and give them an opportunity to show a ghee lamp to the Lord. Perhaps in the next lifetime they will take up KC seriously.

This year I decided I must attract new people but the question was how.These are a few things I did:

1. Pasted posters around the many parks in my residential areas. The posters came down so fast it broke my heart. I guess some people didn’t like the word “God” in the posters.

2. Prepared a flier and I sent to 50 people in the Subang Jaya mailing list from the temple. I got three eager calls who all said they have been looking for this – Spiritual sessions in their own residential area.

3. Pasted poster in the Perumal temple during Puratasi month. No reply yet.

Yesterday I attended the Motivation Talk conducted by the CP department. Deep inside I was thinking about how I was going to convince any of my relatives or friends to have a program in their house when they were not showing interest.

During the presentation, Srivas pr briefly mentioned about Harinam and showing ghee sticks to picture of Damodara as they go house by house and giving a short talk about the pastimes of the Lord in 15 minutes. It was then that I got my answer. Damodara had answered my queries. Everything looked so easy now. One can easily hit tens of houses this way. Call it “Deepavali Caroling” if you like. If everyone works just weekends alone, we can surpass 1008 homes easily.

With this approach we don’t have to worry about preparing so things (prasadam, ghee lamps, speaker, preparing house etc) yet we will be able to get many new people to show a lamp to the Lord in their home. And at the same time we can give them a flier and if they are interested they can attend a Damodara celebration in our place where we will get the “right” crowd.

So if any of you are interested in this method, please feel free to use the template below for the letters you can distribute to people in your housing area together with the leaflets on Lord Damodara, CD, picture of the Lord that CP has prepared. And instead of preparing clay pots, CP has an innovative way for one to show ghee lamps – use satay sticks with cotton dipped in ghee!

May the Lord steal away the hearts of all the people we meet!

Happy Deepavali Caroling everyone!

Sri Damodara Ki Jaya

Your insignificant servant,



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The Diwali Period Intelligence and strategy

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