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Divine appearance to sadhus

Radharani appears to Sanatana Goswami

In Bhakti-Ratnakara, it is written that one day Sanatana Goswami went to Radha-Kunda to see Sri Rupa and Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami. When they saw Sanatana approaching, they rose to offer him respect, and then offered him a seat. With this, the three of them began an ishta-gosthi, a discussion about Krishna. Sri Rupa Goswami had written a Stotram to Radharani called “Chatu-Pushpanjali” – an offering of four flowers. Sri Sanatana Goswami read the verses, and was struck by one in particular: navagorochana gauri, pravarendi varamvaram, manistavaka-vidyoti-veni-vyalangana-phanam“O Vrindabaneshvari! I offer my respects unto you. Because your complexion is like newly molten gold, you are known as Gaurangi. Your dress is beautiful like that of a blue lotus. Your long braid of hair resembles a black serpent decorated with jewels.”When Sanatana saw the line, “Your braided hair resembles a black serpent…” he thought about this comparison and said, “Is this a logical or reasonable metaphor? To compare Radharani’s hair to a serpent?” (more…)


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On this day lord Sri Krishna became a qualified cowherd. Before this day, he was a keeper of the calves.

The Killing of Dhenukasura:
“Thus Sri Krishna, along with His elder brother Balarama, passed the childhood age known as kaumara and stepped into the age of pauganda, from the sixth year up to the tenth. At that time, all the cowherd men conferred and agreed to give those boys who had passed their fifth year charge of the cows in the pasturing ground.

Given charge of the cows, Krishna and Balarama traversed Vrindavana, purifying the land with Their lotus footprints.” In His honour, and thinking of Him one should worship the cows with ten upacharas, with the mantra “om gave namah” etc.


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Damodara report 4


We are about to reach the target set for the Damodara home program for this year. Up to date we have achieved 967 home programs. (more…)

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Govardhana Puja


Govardhan Puja  

The day after Deepavali is celebrated as Govardhan Puja when Mount Govardhan, near Mathura, is worshipped. Pious people keep awake the whole night and cook fifty-six (or 108) different types of food for the bhog (the offering of food) to Krishna. This ceremony is called ankut which means a mountain of food. Various types of food – cereals, pulses, fruit, vegetables, chutneys, pickles, and salads – are offered to the Deity and then distributed as prasada to devotees. 

This festival is in commemoration of the lifting of Mount Govardhan by Krishna. According to a legend, before Krishna was born, Indra, the god of Rain, was the chief deity of Vraj. Then Krishna instigated the people to stop worshipping Indra. Indra wanted to show his power over Krishna and brought about a cloud-burst which flooded the countryside for many days. (more…)

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Damodara report 3


With this 3rd Damodara program report, I am amazed with the commitment showed by our congregation. 

Just in 2 weeks we have achieved 525 home programs. 


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A rude shock


Yesterday…Nov 18th…at dusk…when demons get activated…they were in for a rude shock…it was a blitz..a total of 120 homes in 5 different areas resounding with the Holy Names ..karatals ..mrdangas..going from door to door.Truely relishable. (more…)

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Damodara Blitz


It was a week of its true sense…out of their own free will to please Srila Prabhupada and to distribute the mercy of Lord Damodara…virtually the whole week was filled with programs….to date according to our Damodar Secretariat maintained by Dr Srivas and Sriman Siva…. (more…)

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