First Varsity Convention

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What kept us gazing back at the memories of ISKCON National Varsity Summit 2006, the first of its kind? To sum it up – it was MAGNIFICENT and GREAT.

The presence of the Supreme Lordships, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, helped to bless and purify the venue that manifested into a joyful and fulfilling three-day at Port Dickson golf and Country Club from July 14 th till 16 th.

All of us have probably stumbled upon the story about the Genie in the bottle that would grant the person who opened it three wishes. Similarly, Krishna granted all our wishes at the convention. There was jubilant and ecstatic kirtan that persisted during arati – there were thump of the BONGO, the cobbler of the MRDANGA, the tolling of the KARTAL and the beat of the gong that kept us upbeat! We danced, chanted and sang delightfully in kirtan, forgetting our whole self.

The main objective of this varsity convention was to foster greater unity and motivate undergraduates who are practicing Krishna Consciousness and to encourage them to spread and educate others about the science of Bhakti yoga.

The leader of the Congregational Preaching (CP) Ministry of Sri Jagannatha Mandir Kuala Lumpur, His Grace Srivas Caitanya prabhu organized this event as port of the ministry’s continuous effort to spark off preaching at tertiary level of education. Currently, he is conducting weekly discourses at his home for some 15-10 undergraduates, primarily from Uniten.

As a result of two months of planning, 45 undergraduates from various universities and colleges attended this event, not knowing what to expect. But they were in for some great surprises.

Rightly so we invited highly experienced preachers from ISKCON Kuala Lumpur to inspire us – His Grace Rasika Murari prabhu and His Grace Vishnu Caitanya Caitanya prabhu on the second day (15 th). ISKCON National Council Chairman His Grace Simheswara prabhu very conversantly presented his inter-faith topic on Sunday that made us commit the words of intelligence to our mind an encouraged us to voice out matters that were boggling our minds and prompted us to share our views. There was a healthy interaction between the speaker and the partaker.

The blistering and sizzling topics of Krishna Consciousness kept us engaged till the prasadam time. The prasadam, prepared with love, was appetizing and mouth watering.

As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. For that reason, visiting Port Dickson will be incomplete without the reach for the beach. WOW! Does that rhyme?

The scenic Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson enthralled and captivated us to take part in some energy-sapping beach games.

At the end of the summit on Sunday afternoon we were left exhausted. But we can never forget the exciting moments with their Lordships Sri Sri Gura Nitai, senior devotees and the enjoyment in the midst of that, the most essentially the knowledge gained at the National Varsity Summit 2006.

The organizers of the National Varsity Summit 2006 would like to beg for forgiveness to all the participants for any shortcomings and express gratitude for all the support in making this event a success!


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