Family Day

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Family Day 2006 was one of the best ones that I have seen in SJMKL over the years. A jog of memory indicates this may be the 10th festival of similar genre.

Close to dawn, the strong wind and gloomy clouds were a sure sign that there is going to be a downpour. There I thought goes the Family Day. But then the light shower at dawn paved way for a beautiful Sunday morning. Lord Krishna showered His special mercy.

The programme started an hour late (as usual) primarily due to devotees slowly trickling in after 8.30am.

We started off with arati followed by an active ice-breaker cordinated by Rasika Murari pr. A short briefing session preceded the breakfast. But ooopps! No plates. There was an oversight and the devotees had to first make do with vadai and doughnut till the plates arrived some 20 minutes later.

Besides the above-mentioned items, breakfast included roti canai, mee goreng, idli, and few other sweets and savouries. All Malaysian favourites.

It was 11.00am by the time the first real activity got started.

Ravi Ayakannu prabhu had three games on the cards. The devotees were broken up 10 groups for the games. The first – “Bombing’ game. Basically the idea of this simple game was to catch your opponents off guard. That was followed by a 1-minute treasure hunt. Each team was supposed to collect 10 simple items with the stipulated time. Then it was Krishna conscious charade game. At the same time, the children were having their own fun – treasure hunt, mummy game, etc.

The final activity was a team-building exercise – “Srila Prabhupada Is Coming”. The idea is simple. Six groups were created. Each group is assumed to be a temple and Srila Prabhupada would be visiting their temple tomorrow for Sri Gaura Purnima. The goal of each team was to create the best festival scenario as possible using the meager utilities that were supplied.

The younger boys had their own fun during this time with football match.

Tyaga Caitanya prabhu had a theme song for this year as well. Simple song with deep message

By the time it all ended, it was way past 2.00pm and this was probably the longest Family Day ever.

And the best part – almost all stayed till the end. And everyone seems to have a smile permanently etched on the face. Even the children did not complain of exhaustion.

Lunch was another Malaysian favourite – nasi lemak. Who could complain…

A special feature for this year was – for the first time we had the participation of Bentong Nama Hatta devotees. We also had devotees from Klang, Johor Bharu and Dallas.

All in all the 150+ devotees had a wonderful, fun-filled Sunday morning being amongst the larger Srila Prabhupada family. One couldn’t ask for better… The day started off on a gloomy note but by the end the sky was seemingly lit up by the bright and glowing faces of the devotees.

We have to thank the organiser – HG Shanti Rupa mtj.
Games coordinators – Rasika prabhu and Ravi pr
Children’s games coordinator – HG Vrnda Sakhi mtj
Drinks station – Veeraviknes prabhu
Theme sing composer – HG Tyaga Caitanya prabhu

All the devotees who brought prasadam for the day. The Taman Melawati Tamil School for allowing us to use their premises free of charge.

Our eternal indebtedness to HDG Srila Prabhupada who created this beautiful home called ISKCON for all of us to take shelter under.

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